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React/ApolloGraphQL/Node/Mongo demo written in Typescript
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This is a platform I began building for a client. After he signed and I began building he decided to pivot and not pay me. Sometimes you get screwed in business but at least now I have a cool boilerplate to give away.

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What is this?

OneFraction was supposed to be a platform that gave users rewards for paying their rent through the platform as opposed to check or bank transfer. The value would come from leveraging data to eventually create a rental marketplace where users can find the perfect apartment to move into.



Built using react-native-web because it's really cool and really easy to turn into a mobile app


Written in Node.js. The server uses GraphQL with apollo-server for delivering data between client and server and typegoose for interacting with Mongo in a nice type-friendly way. Accounts are set up using the wonderful accounts.js library.


type-graphql and graphql-codegen are used to generate types for all my graphql resolvers to keep client and server totally and beautifully in sync.

Other cool things

I've included a number of animations using plain CSS and react-spring. If you're a react developer and want to animate your work learn react-spring. Thank me later. This project is using Plaid to access read info for users bank accounts.


# Run mongo
sudo mongod

# In ./server
yarn install
yarn watch

# In ./client
cp ./src/config/example.env.json ./src/config/development.env.json
yarn install
yarn start
yarn gen:types:watch



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