Settlers of Catan for BYU CS 340
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Settlers of Catan

Implementation of Settlers of Catan for BYU CS 340, Winter 2014 Semester by Team Lumberjack (Team 3).

This project is creates a web-based version of Settlers of Catan. The code includes both the client-side application and the server to support it. The online game can be played by 4 players.

There are example json files under the 'examples' folder

Group Members

  • Alan Dayton
  • Chris Brown
  • Jared Forsyth
  • Nate McMaster
  • Spence Gardner


Install all JS dependencies with npm install --save-dev.

Install Grunt npm install -g grunt-cli. This may require sudo on some systems.

Build the Javascript files by running grunt.


Documentation can be build by running grunt docs. This creates a YUI doc in /docs/javascript/.

Run the server

Run the server using ant server; then navigate to http://localhost:8081/ in order to read the documentation.

Debugging test cases

To debug node, follow these steps:

  1. Install node-inspector. npm install -g node-inspector
  2. Run node-inspector.
  3. Start grunt tests in debug mode. In Bash, this is node --debug-brk $(which grunt) test
  4. Open the debugger. Only works in Chrome