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A toolkit that simplifies the creation of rich and interactive 2D or 3D experiences.

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npm install lume


LUME is composed of several packages that can be used individually, or together as a whole:

lume - HTML elements for rich graphics

HTML elements for easily defining rich and interactive 2D or 3D applications powered by CSS3D, WebGL, or both mixed together.

This package uses and re-exports features from the below packages.

glas - WebGL engine written in AssemblyScript

This is a WebGL engine with the consistent performance of WebAssembly, written in AssemblyScript (a TypeScript-to-WebAssembly compiler).

@lume/element - System for defining HTML elements

This is a web component system that allows you to create new, fast, and performant HTML elements in a simple way. It provides the foundation for LUME's HTML elements, and a standard pattern for building new elements that extend the features of LUME.

@lume/variable - Reactive variables

Create reactive variables and observe their changes in a simple and concise way with less code and less coupling.

element-behaviors - Mix functionalities onto HTML elements

This allows you to augment HTML elements with features called "behaviors" that are similar to custom elements: each behavior is defined as a class that has the same lifecycle methods as custom elements. The difference is that an unlimited number of behaviors can be associated with an element.

Getting involved

There's various ways to get involved!

  • Visit the documentation and make something awesome!
  • Submit fixes or new features to any packages or the website! See the contributing guide.
  • Discuss LUME, get help, or help others in the forums or on our Discord chat server.