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// Lumina-DE source code
// Copyright (c) 2014-17, Ken Moore
// Available under the 3-clause BSD license
// See the LICENSE file for full details
// This is the main interface for any OS-specific system calls
// To port Lumina to a different operating system, just create a file
// called "LuminaOS-<Operating System>.cpp", and use that file in
// the project ( instead of LuminaOS-FreeBSD.cpp
#include <QString>
#include <QStringList>
#include <QProcess>
#include <QDir>
#include <QObject>
#include "LUtils.h"
class LOS{
//Return the name of the OS being used
static QString OSName();
//OS-specific prefix(s)
static QString LuminaShare(); //Install dir for Lumina share files
static QString AppPrefix(); //Prefix for applications (/usr/local/ on FreeBSD)
static QString SysPrefix(); //Prefix for system (/usr/ on FreeBSD)
//OS-specific application shortcuts (*.desktop files)
static QString ControlPanelShortcut();
static QString AppStoreShortcut();
//OS-specific RSS feeds
static QStringList RSSFeeds(); //Return Format: QStringList[ <name>::::<url> ];
//Scan for mounted external devices
static QStringList ExternalDevicePaths(); //Returns: QStringList[<type>::::<filesystem>::::<path>]
//Note: <type> = [USB, HDRIVE, DVD, SDCARD, UNKNOWN]
//Read screen brightness information
static int ScreenBrightness(); //Returns: Screen Brightness as a percentage (0-100, with -1 for errors)
//Set screen brightness
static void setScreenBrightness(int percent);
//Read the current volume
static int audioVolume(); //Returns: audio volume as a percentage (0-100, with -1 for errors)
//Set the current volume
static void setAudioVolume(int percent);
//Modify the current volume by a set amount (+ or -)
static void changeAudioVolume(int percentdiff);
//Check if a graphical audio mixer is installed
static bool hasMixerUtility();
//Launch the graphical audio mixer utility
static void startMixerUtility();
//Check for user system permission (shutdown/restart)
static bool userHasShutdownAccess();
static bool systemPerformingUpdates();
static QString systemPendingUpdates(); //returns nothing if no updates waiting to install at shutdown
//System Shutdown
static void systemShutdown(bool skipupdates = false); //start poweroff sequence
//System Restart
static void systemRestart(bool skipupdates = false); //start reboot sequence
//Check for suspend support
static bool systemCanSuspend();
//Put the system into the suspend state
static void systemSuspend();
//Battery Availability
static bool hasBattery();
//Battery Charge Level
static int batteryCharge(); //Returns: percent charge (0-100), anything outside that range is counted as an error
//Battery Charging State
static bool batteryIsCharging();
//Battery Time Remaining
static int batterySecondsLeft(); //Returns: estimated number of seconds remaining
//Get the checksum for a file
static QStringList Checksums(QStringList filepaths); //Return: checksum of each input file (same order)
//Get the filesystem capacity
static QString FileSystemCapacity(QString dir) ; //Return: percentage capacity as give by the df command
//System CPU Information
static QStringList CPUTemperatures(); //Returns: List containing the temperature of any CPU's ("50C" for example)
static int CPUUsagePercent(); //Returns: Overall percentage of the amount of CPU cycles in use (-1 for errors)
static int MemoryUsagePercent(); //Returns: Overall percentage of the amount of available memory in use (-1 for errors)
static QStringList DiskUsage(); //Returns: List of current read/write stats for each device