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Version 1.4.0 of the Lumina desktop environment.

The Lumina Desktop Environment is a lightweight system interface designed for use on any Unix-like operating system. Lumina is based on using plugins, which allows the entire interface to be arranged by each individual user as desired. A system wide default layout is also included, and is configurable by the system administrator. This allows every system (or user session) to be designed to maximize the individual user's productivity.

Summary of binaries:

Core (required)

  • start-lumina-desktop (used for launching a desktop session)
  • lumina-desktop (used for communicating with the currently-running desktop session)
  • lumina-open (complement to xdg-open, used for opening files/links with the proper application)
  • lumina-info (used for viewing information about the desktop itself)
  • lthemeengine (theme engine configuration utility)

Core Utilities (optional, but recommended)

  • lumina-config (used for configuring the desktop)
  • lumina-xconfig (front-end to xrandr, used for managing monitors)
  • lumina-search (simple file/application search utility)

Desktop Utilities (optional)

  • lumina-archiver (front-end to tar, used for managing/creating archives)
  • lumina-calculator (scientific calculator with an easy-to-use interface)
  • lumina-fileinfo (file properties viewer, and simple XDG application registration creator)
  • lumina-fm (Insight File Manager, used for browsing/interacting with the system files)
  • lumina-mediaplayer (Simple media player with hooks for streaming from online radio services)
  • lumina-notify (CLI utility to show a graphical user prompt)
  • lumina-pdf (View/present PDF documents)
  • lumina-screenshot (Create/modify/save screenshots)
  • lumina-textedit (Plaintext editor with syntax highlighting, tab support, and find/replace functionality)
  • lumina-xdg-entry (Simple graphical tool for creating XDG desktop entries)