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Fitness tracking application
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savannidgerinel Refactor formatting objects (#91)
* Extract hours and minutes handling into a cohesive struct
* Create an entire directory for holding formatters
* Convert duration string handling into Duration
* Add formatters for mass and distance
* Attach the mass and distance handling to the UnitSystem object
Latest commit e4a7d3e Feb 18, 2020


Privacy-first fitness tracking. Your health, your data, your machine.

This application is deeply inspired by the work that I did on an older health application. It will eventually be a full replacement for that application, but with improved architecture from several years of learning.

User Interface

I need to decide on a user interface style.

At this point, most developers would build out a web service and write a react/redux app and be done with that. But, this is basically a single user application, so it would make equal sense to create a GUI app. Fewer security flaws until I add communication. But potentially a lot more work. But also, potentially, an opportunity for jobs currently not open to me.

But, really, a native app is easier on users if I'm expecting them to host the app themselves.

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