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Thank you for trying to install Luminous Flux.
Here's what you'll have to do:
* install dependencies given in requirements.txt
we recommend using pbundler for this:
but `pip install -r requirements.txt` should work too
* install database connector as listed at
* create a (using as a template) OR set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE to something that's not local_settings (like localsettings)
* run the following commands (prepend with "pbundler run" if using pbundler)
> ./lfluxproject/ collectstatic --noinput
> ./lfluxproject/ syncdb
> ./lfluxproject/ migrate lstory 0008
> ./lfluxproject/ migrate tumblelog
> ./lfluxproject/ migrate lstory
> ./lfluxproject/ migrate
> ./lfluxproject/ compilemessages
Then, create a site via the command line `./lfluxproject/ shell`:
>>> from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
>>> Site.objects.create(name='', domain='')
Have fun!