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Basebox Definitions for Vagrant/Veewee

This repository contains veewee definitions for creating a CentOS 6.2 vagrant basebox that can be provisioned using chef-solo or a chef server.

Steps to update the image:

Mostly I followed the process outlined here:

Here are specific steps:

  1. Install veewee gem: gem install veewee
  2. Create a template

    a. Grab the stock image:

CentOS 6.2:
  curl -C - -L '' -o 'iso/CentOS-6.2-x86_64-minimal.iso'
Ubuntu 10.04:
  curl -C - -L '' -o 'iso/ubuntu-10.04.4-server-amd64.iso'
Ubuntu 12.04:
  curl -C - -L '' -o 'iso/ubuntu-12.04-server-amd64.iso'

b. Use an existing Vagrant basebox template:

vagrant basebox templates | grep "OS name"
vagrant basebox define "the-new-box-name" "OS-name-from-template-list"
  1. Update the files under the definitions/ directory (definition.rb, ks.cfg, to add whatever you need to our basebox.

  2. Build the new basebox:

vagrant basebox build centos62-x86_64-chef-NEW-AWESOME-STUFF
  1. Export to ".box" format:
vagrant basebox export centos62-x86_64-chef-NEW-AWESOME-STUFF
  1. Upload the ".box" file to the "lumos-devops" S3 bucket. In the file permissions, add access for "Everyone" to "Open/Download".

  2. Update the Vagrantfile in our chef repo to point to the new box. If you made changes to an existing box, you first need to remove it in order to download the new version:

vagrant box remove centos62-x86_64-chef-NEW-AWESOME-STUFF
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