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FOSSA Status

This is the source code repository of DivaServices, a RESTFul Web Service framework for Document Image Analysis (DIA) methods. It is under development at University of Fribourg

Currently 20 methods are available (see the list of available methods in DivaServices-Spotlight)

The necessary binaries to run the methods are currently only available upon request.


If you use DIVAServices in your research, please cite our DAS 2016 paper on the infrastructure. You can use the following BibTeX.

    author = "W{\"u}rsch, Marcel and Rolf Ingold and Liwicki, Marcus",
    journal = {Document Analysis Systems (DAS)}
    title  = "{SDK Reinvented: Document Image Analysis Methods as RESTful Web Services}",
    month = "April",
    year   = "2016",
    doi = {10.1109/DAS.2016.56}


More information can be found in the Wiki


FOSSA Status