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For Ren'Py. Examples for button and imagemap inputs provided. Also a fun interactive retro (windows 95-ish) desktop version as well.
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Thank you for downloading and I hope this recipe helps you!

All assets included in this folder were created by LunaLucid (or Namastaii from Lemma Soft forums).

All images (buttons, backgrounds, etc) are free to use, with or without credit to Lunalucid so feel free to use these in your projects/games. I have included some PSD files in the images folder.

Fonts 'Sacramento' and 'Share Tech Mono' were provided by Google Fonts and is under an open source license, meaning you can use their fonts in any non-commercial or commercial project. You can find more fonts from Google at

Basic example:

example image

  • Define a variable you'll use to store the user's input.
  • Define a function that stores that input.
default myinput_1 = ""

init python:
    def change_myinput1(newstring):                                          
        store.myinput_1 = newstring
  • Create the screen.
  • Define a screen variable that decides if the input is active or not.
  • Put the input and the text placeholder on the screen and connect it to the function you created. Clicking the input changes input_on to True and once clicked again, will set it back to False.
screen simple_button_input():
    default input_on = False
    modal True

        xalign 0.5
        yalign 0.5
            text "Click to type!"
                background Frame(Solid("#ffc"))
                xsize 400
                if input_on:                                                  
                    input default myinput_1 changed change_myinput1
                    action SetScreenVariable("input_on", False)      
                    text myinput_1                                           
                    action SetScreenVariable("input_on", True)             

            textbutton "close" action Hide("simple_button_input")
Some good things to know:
  • default - the default value of the input (in this case, the variable itself)
  • length - maximum amount of characters user is allowed to input
  • pixel_width - maximum pixels wide for user input
  • allow - string list of characters that user is allowed to input
  • exclude - string list of characters that user is not allowed to input
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