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Wrote some note about value types.

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@@ -205,6 +205,32 @@ Lisp. It is a just synonym for PHP [`null`][null] value.
+About value types and refernece types
+According to the typing method of PHP, primitive types e.g. boolean, integer,
+float, string, array behave as value type. They are always copied when they
+passed into arguments or returned from a called function. For example,
+`arr` is empty from beginning to end in the following code.
+ (define arr (array))
+ (set-at! arr "element")
+Such behavior is not problem for scalar types e.g. boolean, integer, float,
+string because they are immutable, but can be problem for arrays.
+However you know objects behave as reference type in PHP if you are good at
+PHP, and there are `ArrayObject` class and its subclass `Lisphp_List`. They
+and arrays have the same interface, so you can use these class instead of
+ (use <ArrayObject>)
+ (define arr (<ArrayObject>))
+ (set-at! arr "element")
+ (define lis (list))
+ (set-at! arr "element")
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