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20100823 1.6.5 ratler
* 1.6.5 final release
* Modules
- Kernel config bumped to
- Wireless firmware now also available on the LiveCD
* Installer
- EXT4 is now default
* Script changes
- isofs
- Enable hybrid ISO support
- initrd
- Cosmetic change of boot banner
- kernels
- Prevent the kernel source from thinking it's inside a git repository when building
20100709 1.6.5-rc1 ratler
* 1.6.5 rc 1 release
* Modules
- Kernel config bumped to
- Added screen
* Installer
- Added template files for openssh on the liveCD
- Added USE_CLEAR option for the function chroot_run() to clear screen before executing commands
- Create missing directory /var/log/lunar/queue
- Check for kernel sources in $TARGET
- Fixed a bug in install and md5sum logs generation for precompiled kernels
* Script changes
- initrd
- Autodectect correct glibc library version to install
- Updated list of udev helpers to copy
- Makefile
- dist: Changed md5sum to sha1sum
20100315 1.6.5-beta2 ratler
* 1.6.5 beta 2 release
* Modules
- Kernel config bumped to
- openssh now part of the liveCD
- Added a few dependencies needed by udev
- Added grub2 to sources
* Installer
- Generate md5sum and install logs for pre-compiled kernels
- Added support to change preferred fstab style; UUID, LABEL or device name
- Bumped isolinux.bin version
* Script changes
- initrd
- Updated list of needed udev files
- etc
- Create default devices needed by udev
20100212 1.6.5-beta1 ratler
* 1.6.5 beta 1 release
* Modules
- Kernel config bumped to
- Added yasm, gperf, libusb-compat, xz, gmp, mpfr, cron-common,
logrotate, rsyslog, iwlwifi-3945-ucode, iwlwifi-4965-ucode,
iwlwifi-5000-ucode and mc
- Removed mktemp, device-mapper and lard
* Installer
- Added support for EXT4 filesystem
- Updated template files for gcc optimizations
* Script changes
- initrd
- udev changes
- Updated files to be included
- Copy only needed kernel modules
- aaa_base
- Fixed issue rmdir non directories
- Copy the correct lunar/local/optimization.* files
- rebuild
- sysvinit need to be rebuilt last, after removing inittab or it won't get tracked
- Changed GCC_4_2 -> GCC_4_4
20081224 1.6.4 ratler
* Final release of 1.6.4 'Lacus Autumni' for both i686 and x86-64
* Modules
- Kernel bumped to
- Removed USB modem modules from the precompiled kernels
- All packages refreshed
- lsb-release added
* Installer
- The installer will now skip 'swap file' step if a swap partition
was added
- Bumped isolinux.bin version
20081012 1.6.4-beta1 ratler
* Beta 1 release!
* Modules
- Kernel bumped to 2.6.27
- All packages refreshed
- freetype2 removed
* Installer
- Fixed issue with swap partitions showing up twice in fstab
if you add more than one
- Fixed issue with block device list, Bash 3.2 changed behavior
in =~ operator, the regex can no longer be quoted
- Modified a small problem in transfer() where some variables got
assigned with the wrong values. Also added a feature to list
what filesystem type you choosed for the assigned partition
- Disabled the dialog that tell the user to rebuild the kernel for
xfs, jfs and reiserfs since the kernel now includes them by default
- More software raid fixes from ElAngelo
- We now disable /tmp on tmpfs if the user add a /tmp partition
- Precompiled kernels will now get registered as installed
- Simplified the language menu. This time the iso process will
create a file on the iso that contain a language list
- perl moved from extended.list -> base.list, needed for vim to work
on the iso
- As mentioned the default kernel config now compile xfs, jfs and reiserfs
as builtin
* Script changes
- isofs
- Disable memtest on x86_64 (doesn't build or work anyway)
- New isolinux templates for x86_64, needed since memtest is gone
- rebuild
- Make sure we copy the kernel config for the correct arch to the ISO
- initrd
- Fixed lib64 symlink issue, could cause issues with the running system
- memtest
- exit 0 if x86_64
- gen_locale_list
- New script to generate a language list from the locale-archive in $ISO_TARGET
20080914 1.6.4-alpha3 ratler
* Alpha release 3
- Fixed issue with packages showing up twice in state/lunar/packages
- udev should now install fine inside the BUILD chroot
- Remove bits/syscall.h before lin -c glibc since glibc does a file
and compare check during make install that decide it's unchanged
and not installing it
- scripts/aaa_base: Removed explicit kernel-headers-X.X from packages
file generation, kernel-headers are already listed in base.list-X.X
- Auto-generate copyright year for isolinux files
- Added rootdelay=10 to kernel options for isolinux, let usb settle
before probing for devices containing the installation
- Kernel config bumped to
- Initrd:
- Support booting installation from any media. For example you can
put syslinux on a usb stick and copy initrd and kernel from the
iso, and then put the iso it self on the usb-stick and boot away.
It's also possible to put the .iso in the root of any mountable
partition (a script will be available later to bootstrap this)
- No more udev/rules.d template, instead take rules.d from the installed
udev and wash them to make them work properly with the initrd
- Installer:
- Disable staticly defined mount point in fstab that match a user
defined mount point during partition selection (currently only /tmp)
- Further improvements to the language menu to also include territory
for each encoding
- Detect protected device (won't show up in the partition selection),
this is the device where the .iso reside for the alternative installation
- Added initd.disable.list file in conf/ that contain services that should
be disabled by default
- Added grub and md fixes from ElAngelo
20080909 1.6.4-alpha2 ratler
* Alpha 1 & 2 release
- Updated initrd to support new udev
- Added udev rules.d files to template (Will automate this later)
- Updated font selection code in the installer
- Rewrote language menu in the installer, gather locales
from the current glibc install
- Module changes:
- vixie-cron -> cronie
- links2 -> links
Unreleased moe
* Testing ISO
- Added make target precheck (to download all required sources)
- Added make target prebuild (to generate all build caches)
- Removed a couple of outdated packages
- Replaced iputils with inetutils (no docbook on the ISO)
- scripts/rebuild: Use mount --bind
- scripts/rebuild: Removed makedev
- scripts/rebuild: Added dependency cache generation
20070210 1.6.1 sofar
* Final release of 1.6.1 for both i686 and x86_64
- kernel src unpack bugfixes
- extra ldconfig step
- Updated memtest version to 1.70
- Fixed f4 display to show uhci-hcd instead of uhci_hcd etc.
- made bootloader code optional based on availability
- all packages refreshed
20070110 1.6.1-rc2 sofar
* update release - release candidate 2
- all packages refreshed
20061110 1.6.1rc1 sofar
* update release - release candidate 1
- Enable EFI boot support
- remove -mm -prepatch -grsec kernel sources alltogether
- update all packages to moonbase-20061110: kernel
20060405 1.6.0-i686 sofar
* Feature release - First 2.6-based -final release
- Allow the user to pass a module on the boot prompt so it gets loaded
even if discover doesn't find it (e.g.: linux uhci-hcd)
- separate motd on the ISO
- upgraded isolinux to 3.11 - hopefully fixes some boot issues I've had
- upgraded kernels to 2.6.16. Added older grsec and -mm4 kernels
precompiled only
- full vim on the rescue part
- new packages: foremost, irqbalance, lftp
- better kernel configs with smp, 4gb mem by default
- fix overwriting of grub/lilo confs
- a kernel source is now extracted and configured on the target so that
packages which require kernel sources to be present in /usr/src/linux
will compile OOTB (XOrg etc)
20060206 1.6.0-i686-rc3 sofar
* bugfix/feature release
- Added software RAID creation tool, fixed some md-device
recognition problems
- integrated normal vc shells
- Fixed all known grub installation issues
- rewrite block device code completely
- added irqbalance package
- Incorporated more progress into the progress bar display
20060126 1.6.0-i686-rc2 sofar
* development/bugfix release
- implemented copying of cache tarballs to installed system
- added dmidecode (hints for hw detection)
- added ethtool (NIC link type debugging)
- kept dialog at downgraded 20050306
- fixed fdisc/partition miscount only seeing 1 disc
- added LSI/Megaraid drivers as module
- fixed grsec kernels not being built
- added 'server' type kernel config for performance to bigmem
kernels and tweaked IO performance
20060105 1.6.0-i686-rc1 sofar
* development release
- fixed SATA and SCSI disc detection
- added "wipe" utility, moved setserial to source-only
- enabled nptl threads in glibc
- added auto-boot after 1 minute timeout
- enabled nfs as root device for netbooting
- fixed root device detect code loop
- added grsecurity kernels
- downgraded dialog to 20050306 due to menu bug
20051121 1.6.0-i686-alpha1 sofar
* tentative 2.6-based release (very alpha)
- fixed 2.6-kernel compilation
- integrated udev, sysfstools, hotplug properly
20051115 1.5.2-i686-rc1 sofar
* update release
- reworked the kerneel configuration code
- fixed a minor warnign message in the installer
- updated all modules to gcc-3.4.4, glibc-2.3.6
- updated README to better reflect what a user should do
20050818 1.5.1-i686 1.5.1-i386 sofar
* development and bugfix release
- cleaned up the install menus
- added dosfstools and ntfsprogs
- moved tnftp and dhcpcd to the ISO stage
- added 'make test' target
- added USB and mass storage drivers to the initrd
- add 'luser' back to the installer
- cleaned up navigation in the settings menu
- fixed a partition list bug
- enable swap only when compiling kernels
20050802 1.5.1-i386-rc1 sofar
* development release: new arch (i386)
- fixed aaa_base tarball generation
- added some portability code
20050731 1.5.1-686-rc1 sofar
* Development and bugfix release
- replaced firstboot screen by striker
- added lard as replacement of sysklogd
- removed separate discover build code
- fix mkfs.xfs run
- added exit/reboot option at the beginning of the installer
- rewrote device naming completely so you can use normal device
names everywhere
- allow extra device nodes to be added manually (raid, loop)
- removed some debug kernel items
- deleted operator account
- adding default selector to all locale menus
- fix swap type display (was 'none')
- replaced lynx with links2
- replaced BitchX with irssi
- enable serial console for the default kernels
20050523 1.5.0-i686-final sofar
* Final release of 1.5.0-i686
- rewrote menu-order so language and keymap are first now
- backported some of nestu's portable 2.6 changes
- adding SMP building and new targets, reorganised the
build routine heavily.
- cleaned up editor selection menu
- added a long README which serves as introduction
- removed db
20050517 1.5.0-i686-pre3 sofar
* major bugfix release:
- fix modprobe failing on stripped modules, wrappers
- bigger initrd size
- fix missing devfsd on initrd
- reverse order of bootloader and kernel install
- added testing grub code
- added several modem/wifi driver sources
20050508 1.5.0-i686-pre2 sofar
* major bugfix release:
- fix version numbers and release tags
- fix mount problems
- added package install progress bar
- install default kernel headers through aaa_base
- lilo installer fixes
- don't set vga=5 by default
20050408 1.5.0-i686-pre1 sofar
* first release of the new build code:
- integrated memtest
- added 'discover' hardware detection in the initrd and on
the installed system
- Makefile structure to guide build process
- dependency templates, kernel base configs
- introduced precompiled kernels
- new init stage module loader with nestu's code
- completely new installer code with logical menu structure
and guidance colors, extensive help