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 lunar-tools -- a set of lunar-related tools

Lunar-tools contains some non-core system tools for various system
administration tasks. Here's a short overview:

clad -- cluster administation

	clad is a tool to run a job serialized or parallellized on a group
	of machines. clad relies on ssh host keys and is purely written
	for remote root access. With clad, you can define groups of machines
	dynamically and add or remove hosts with relative ease. Once
	defined, all the hosts can perform any command with a single

lids -- lunar intrusion detection system

	lids is a simple tool that provides a feature that lunar is missing
	by default - permission and owner checking. lids can also check
	the md5sums of installed modules and generate permission lists
	for later checking.

lmodules -- lunar modules aid

	lmodules provides an easy ncurses interface to maintain the
	list of needed system kernel modules. It modifies the required /etc
	configuration files as needed and stores your changes.

lnet -- lunar networking configuration

	lnet is the core tool for configuring your network devices. It's a
	ncurses frontend that allows you to add, edit and delete network
	devices, setup your gateway, special routing, hostname and DNS

lservices -- lunar startup services

	lservices provides a simple but rudimentary interface in ncurses
	that allows you to start, stop, enable and disable startup
	services. lservices also stores your choices for lunar which will
	remember your choices.

ltime -- lunar timezone management utility

	ltime lets you change the timezone you selected during the
	installation process. It makes use of the timezone date in
	/usr/share/zoneinfo. You can also change the whether you
	storing your time in GMT or localtime.

luser -- lunar user admin tool

	luser is a ncurses user administration tool that adds easy methods
	for modifying the passwd, shadow and group files. luser can perform
	tasks such as locking users, delete them, modify groups and with
	great ease.

installkernel -- kernel and module installation script

	installkernel allows you to 'make install' from any 2.6 kernel tree.
	Lunar will update your bootloader for you and install all kernel
	modules and kernel image into the right place.