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.TH "LIN" "8" "August 2003" "Lunar Linux" "LUNAR"
lin \- Lunar install software modules
.B lin
[options] [package1[/version]] ... [package2[/version]] ...
.if n lin(8) is Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Terry Chan with portions copyrighted by previous authors 2001\-2002
.if t lin(8) is Copyright \(co 2002-2003 Terry Chan with portions copyrighted by previous authors 2001\-2002
To install emacs type:
.B lin emacs
.I lin
is part of the
.B Lunar
source\-code package management suite. It is a command\-line tool for automatically retrieving, unpacking, compiling, installing, and tracking software installations.
.B "\-c, \-\-compile"
Compiles module even if there is a compile cache in /var/cache/lunar.
.B "-d, --debug"
Enables debug messages, very useful when emailing a bug report.
.B "\-\-deps"
Configures the modules and determines their dependencies, but they are not
compiled or installed.
.B "\-\-download"
Configures the modules, determines their dependencies and download the sources,
but they are not compiled or installed.
.B "-f, \-\-from" directory
Specify an alternate directory to search for source code tarballs. An alternative
to /var/spool/lunar.
.B "\-h, \-\-help"
Outputs short help.
.B "\-p, \-\-probe"
Only lin if the module was not previously installed.
.B "\-r, \-\-reconfigure"
Select new configuration and dependencies for modules.
.B "\-\-opts (configure flags)"
Add arbitrary options to the configure stage of the module. The options are saved for future upgrades but will be erased by using "-r".
.B "\-R, \-\-resurrect"
Reinstalls a module which has been removed but still has the compiled version available.
.B "\-w, \-\-want (version number)"
Try to install a different version than the current one in moonbase. Integrity checking is turned off. Success not guaranteed.
.B "\-s, \-\-silent"
Decreases the level of message output.
.B "\-v, \-\-verbose"
Increases the level of message output.
All files can be edited by hand, but its easier to edit them with
.B lunar.
.I /etc/lunar/config
Configuration options.
.I /etc/lunar/mirrors
Mirror information.
.I /etc/lunar/local/*
Local settings.
.I /etc/lunar/local/config
Various local settings and compiler optimization parameters (select with lunar).
.I /etc/lunar/local/depends/*
Dependency and configuration information for modules.
.I /var/lib/lunar/functions/*.lunar
Contains functions used by
.B lin.
The following settings can be altered in
.I /etc/lunar/local/config
It is easier, faster and less error prone to edit them with
.B lunar.
The GNU Mirror (default:
The kernel mirror (default:
The xfree86 mirror (default:
The GNOME mirror (default:
The KDE mirror (default:
The Sourceforge mirror. (default: none).
The default patch mirror. (default: download.lunar\
The default lunar mirror. If all else fails go here! (default: download.lunar\
The lunar moonbase mirrors. (default: download.lunar\
.IP color
If set to yes lin outputs nice colour. Green for messages, gray for compiling, yellow for questions, and red for errors.
The delay in seconds that
.B lin
pauses when waiting for responses from you.
If set to yes, installation logs will be mailed to the admin upon a successful compile. Compile logs will be mailed instead upon a failed compilation.
The mailbox where the reports will be mailed. The admin's email address.
When set to yes, configuration files that have been edited will not get deleted when the module is re\-installed
If set to yes then sounds will be enabled if the
.I lunar\-sound
module is installed
When set to yes this disallows removing of modules that would cause terrible malfunctions. eg glibc, gcc, bash, to name some obvious ones.
If set to yes then you will be prompted whether to view reports before and after installation.
If set to yes then compiler output will be displayed in real time.
Deletes files when removing.
If set to yes whenever a library is updated all packages that depend on that library will be rebuilt. See FIND_CHECK, MD5SUM_CHECK, LDD_CHECK, SYM_CHECK for autofix settings.
See the \-f options above for explanations of these.
Using source code tarballs from an alternate location.
.B \-\-from
Unless the
.B \-from
option is specified lin will always check the
.I /var/spool/lunar
directory first to see if the package exists. If the package does not
exist it downloads the package via the Internet.
Kyle Sallee
Updated Thomas Stewart 01/15/2002
Converted to Lunar by Terry Chan 03/23/2002
Updated by Chuck Mead 07/17/2003
Updated by Terry Chan 08/08/2003
Report bugs to <maintainer@lunar\>
lunar(8), lrm(8), lvu(1), lget(8), moonbase(5)
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
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