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[ -d /dev ] || mkdir /dev
add_priv_user vcsa:vcsa -s /sbin/false -d /dev -c "virtual console memory owner"
install -c -m 0700 $SCRIPT_DIRECTORY/ /dev
message ""
message "Please run /dev/"
message ""
makedev audioctl
makedev kbd
makedev openprom
ln -s sunmouse $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/dev/mouse
for dev in aztcd cdu31a cdu535 cm205cd cm206cd gscd hitcd mcd mcdx \
sbpcd1 sbpcd2 scd3 sjcd sbpcd3 sonycd sbpcd sbpcd0 \
atibm inportbm logibm ; do
rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/dev/${dev}
grep -v "/dev/${dev}" manifest > manifest.tmp && mv manifest.tmp manifest
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