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systemd: missed configure file

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1 parent 5c38275 commit 34883ffc5c910e40508a18a19f479ff73f45d482 @Ratler Ratler committed
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  1. +9 −0 system/systemd/CONFIGURE
9 system/systemd/CONFIGURE
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+NSCHEME=$(get_module_config NEW_NAME_SCHEME)
+if [ -z "$NSCHEME" ] && ip link | egrep -q '^[0-9]*: (eth|wlan|ppp|ath|tun|ra|usb|br)[0-9]+[^>]*[<,]UP[,>]'; then
+ message "${PROBLEM_COLOR}WARNING:${MESSAGE_COLOR} You are still using the old network interface naming scheme."
+ message "It is recommended to switch to the new naming scheme. Please note"
+ message "that reconfiguration of your network interfaces using the new"
+ message "device names are required!\n"
+ mquery NEW_NAME_SCHEME "Enable new naming scheme for network interfaces (RECOMMENDED)?" n

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