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kdesdk: Does not exist anymore.

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1 parent d47edf1 commit 33c8c8c2b441a69e50ecfc25fe0b5d2dc8b49951 stumbles committed Aug 16, 2013
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@@ -1,10 +0,0 @@
-# The scripts/makeobj conflicts with our module of the same name; both provide the same
-# purpose so this one will be deleted. This sed's out makeobj so it does not get installed
-# to /usr/bin.
- sedit "s:makeobj::" kde-dev-scripts/CMakeLists.txt &&
- source /etc/profile.d/qt4.rc &&
- source /etc/profile.d/kde4.rc &&
- default_cmake_build
@@ -1,13 +0,0 @@
-optional_depends libxml2 "-DWITH_LibXml2=ON" "-DWITH_LibXml2=OFF" "for XML support"
-optional_depends libxslt "-DWITH_LibXslt=ON" "-DWITH_LibXslt=OFF" "fir XSL support"
-optional_depends perl "-DWITH_Perl=ON" "-DWITH_Perl=OFF" "for perl support"
-optional_depends kde-baseapps "-DWITH_LibKonq=ON" "-DWITH_LibKonq=OFF" "for libkonq support"
-optional_depends kdepimlibs "-DWITH_KdepimLibs=ON" "-DWITH_KdepimLibs=OFF" "to use various libs/apps for kdepimlibs"
-optional_depends qca2 "-DWITH_QCA2=ON" "-DWITH_QCA2=OFF" "for qca support"
-optional_depends subversion "-DWITH_SVN=ON" "-DWITH_SVN=OFF" "for subversion support"
-optional_depends boost "-DWITH_Boost=ON" "-DWITH_Boost=OFF" "for boost support"
-optional_depends antlr "-DWITH_Antlr2=ON" "-DWITH_Antlr2=OFF" "for Language tool for constructing support"
-optional_depends hunspell "-DWITH_HUNSPELL=ON" "-DWITH_HUNSPELL=OFF" "for Library used for stemming support"
-optional_depends shared-mime-info "" "" "for core MIME database used to represent types of files"
@@ -1,30 +0,0 @@
- MODULE=kdesdk
- VERSION=4.10.5
- SOURCE_VFY=sha1:e14780cfd63f14cc4b5ec2f769af6a5e9b416940
- ENTERED=20071026
- UPDATED=20130701
- SHORT="applications and tools for development"
-cat << EOF
-This is a collection of applications and tools used by KDE developers.
-It also has example code for use in learning KDE programming or starting
-a new KDE application.
-* cervisia: CVS client part
-* kapptemplate: shell script to easy the beginning of new apps
-* kexample: a sample KDE application, heavily documented
-* kbugbuster: a graphical frontend for the KDE bug reporting system
-* kdepalettes: palettes matching KDE's style for Gimp and XPaint
-* kmtrace: converts glibc's mtrace log into a full backtrace
-* kspy: displays all used QObjects in an application
-* kstartperf: startup time measurement
-* poxml: auxillary programs for documentation translation
-* scripts: various helper scripts (see scripts/README)
-* scheck: An interface style to highlight accel and style guide conflicts
-* kuiviewer: A KPart that lets you view .ui files.
-* umbrello: A UML modeller.

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