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calligra: Adding to moonbase.

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1 parent c098b68 commit dcd74415d3688a5068b18918be451b94a5141be8 stumbles committed Dec 11, 2012
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  1. +16 −0 office/calligra/BUILD
  2. +1 −0 office/calligra/CONFLICTS
  3. +35 −0 office/calligra/DEPENDS
  4. +30 −0 office/calligra/DETAILS
16 office/calligra/BUILD
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
+# It has trouble finding openjpeg.h
+ if in_depends $MODULE openjpeg ; then
+ OJ_VER="`lvu version openjpeg | cut -c 1-3`" &&
+ CFLAGS+=" -I/usr/include/openjpeg-${OJ_VER}" &&
+ LDFLAGS+=" -lopenjpeg" &&
+ OPTS+=" -DOPENJPEG_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/openjpeg-${OJ_VER}"
+ fi &&
+ OPTS+=" -Wno-dev -DWITH_Iconv=ON" &&
+ default_cmake_build
+) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
1 office/calligra/CONFLICTS
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+conflicts koffice
35 office/calligra/DEPENDS
@@ -0,0 +1,35 @@
+depends kdelibs
+optional_depends "eigen2" "-DWITH_Eigen2=ON" "-DWITH_Eigen2=OFF" "for linear algebra support"
+optional_depends "exiv2" "-DWITH_Exiv2=ON" "-DWITH_Exiv2=OFF" "for image metadata support"
+optional_depends "fftw3" "-DWITH_FFTW3=ON" "-DWITH_FFTW3=OFF" "for Fast Fourier Tranform support"
+optional_depends "freetds" "-DWITH_FreeTDS=ON" "-DWITH_FreeTDS=OFF" "for Tabular DataStream support"
+optional_depends "glew" "-DWITH_GLEW=ON" "-DWITH_GLEW=OFF" "for krita OpenGL support"
+optional_depends "glib-2" "-DWITH_GLIB2=ON" "-DWITH_GLIB2=OFF" "for glib support"
+optional_depends "gsl" "-DWITH_GSL=ON" "-DWITH_GSL=OFF" "for Scientific Library support"
+optional_depends "%JAVA_SDK" "-DWITH_JNI=ON" "-DWITH_JNI=OFF" "for java support"
+optional_depends "%JPEG" "-DWITH_JPEG=ON" "-DWITH_JPEG=OFF" "for jpeg graphics support"
+optional_depends "libkdcraw" "-DWITH_Kdcraw=ON" "-DWITH_Kdcraw=OFF" "for libraw image support"
+optional_depends "kdepimlibs" "-DWITH_KdepimLibs=ON" "-DWITH_KdepimLibs=OFF" "for support of various pimlibs support"
+optional_depends "lcms2" "-DWITH_LCMS2=ON" "-DWITH_LCMS2=OFF" "for lcms2 color management support"
+optional_depends "attica" "-DWITH_LibAttica=ON" "-DWITH_LibAttica=OFF" "for Open Collaboration Services support"
+optional_depends "libwps" "-DWITH_LibWPS=ON" "-DWITH_LibWPS=OFF" "for Microsoft Works file format support"
+optional_depends "marble" "-DWITH_Marble=ON" "-DWITH_Marble=OFF" "for marble support"
+optional_depends "mysql" "-DWITH_MySQL=ON" "-DWITH_MySQL=OFF" "for mysql database support"
+optional_depends "libpqxx" "-DWITH_PostgreSQL=ON" "-DWITH_PostgreSQL=OFF" "for postgresql database support"
+optional_depends "nepomuk-core" "-DWITH_Nepomuk=ON" "-DWITH_Nepomuk=OFF" "for file indexing, system monitoring support"
+optional_depends "okular" "-DWITH_Okular=ON" "-DWITH_Okular=OFF" "for PDF support"
+optional_depends "ctl" "-DWITH_OpenCTL=ON" "-DWITH_OpenCTL=OFF" "for Color Transformation support"
+optional_depends "openexr" "-DWITH_OpenEXR=ON" "-DWITH_OpenEXR=OFF" "for high dynamic-range (HDR) image support"
+optional_depends "openjpeg" "-DWITH_OpenJPEG=ON" "-DWITH_OpenJPEG=OFF" "for JPEG 2000 codec support"
+optional_depends "libpng" "-DWITH_PNG=ON" "-DWITH_PNG=OFF" "for png graphics support"
+optional_depends "poppler" "-DWITH_Poppler=ON" "-DWITH_Poppler=OFF" "for poppler support"
+optional_depends "pstoedit" "-DWITH_Pstoedit=ON" "-DWITH_Pstoedit=OFF" "Translates PostScript and PDF graphics to SVG"
+optional_depends "qca2" "-DWITH_QCA2=ON" "-DWITH_QCA2=OFF" "for qca support"
+optional_depends "soprano" "-DWITH_Soprano=ON" "-DWITH_Soprano=OFF" "for soprano support"
+optional_depends "tiff" "-DWITH_TIFF=ON" "-DWITH_TIFF=OFF" "for tiff graphcis support"
+optional_depends "libwpd" "-DWITH_WPD=ON" "-DWITH_WPD=OFF" "for WordPerfect file support"
+optional_depends "libwpg" "-DWITH_WPG=ON" "-DWITH_WPG=OFF" "for WordPerfect graphics support"
+optional_depends "zlib" "-DWITH_ZLIB=ON" "-DWITH_ZLIB=OFF" "for lossless data compression support"
+optional_depends "xbase" "-DWITH_XBase=ON" "-DWITH_XBase=OFF" "Required by Kexi XBase Migration driver"
+optional_depends "libvisio" "-DWITH_LibVisio=ON" "-DWITH_LibVisio=OFF" "for importing visio diagrams support"
30 office/calligra/DETAILS
@@ -0,0 +1,30 @@
+ MODULE=calligra
+ VERSION=2.5.4
+ SOURCE_VFY=sha1:8d49b23ae3f91dab33d6bb0a381319d047c5d04b
+ ENTERED=20121208
+ UPDATED=20121208
+ SHORT="graphic art and office suite by KDE "
+cat << EOF
+Calligra Suite is a set of applications written to help you to accomplish your work.
+Calligra Office
+Calligra includes efficient and capable office components:
+Words for text processing.
+Sheets for computations.
+Stage for presentations.
+Plan for planning.
+Flow for flowcharts.
+Kexi for database creation.
+Calligra Art
+Calligra offers cutting edge applications for artists to work on 2D drawings and illustrations:
+Krita for painting and raster drawing.
+Karbon for vector graphics.

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