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app-themes oxygen-gtk3: bump to 1.4.1
archive lz4: version bumped to 131.
audio cmus: version bumped to 2.7.0.
bluetooth bluez-5: version bumped to 5.31.
cd cdrtools: version bumped to 3.01a29
chat bitlbee: Version bump to 3.4.1
compilers ghc: final work at build file.
crypto ccid: Bump to 1.4.19
devel Merge branch 'master' of
distributed openmpi: bump to 1.8.6
doc-tools doxygen: version bumped to 1.8.10.
docs man-pages: version bumped to 4.00.
editors brackets: small tweak.
education anki: version bump
filemanagers mc: version bumped to 4.8.14.
filesys openafs, openafs-driver: version bumped to 1.6.12
fonts fonttools: bump to 2.5
ftp wireshark: version bumped to 1.12.6.
games angband: version bumped to 4.0.0.
gnustep gnustep-back: version bump
graphics chemical-mime-data: don't need to update the database
haskell/haskell-platform haskell-platform: introduction to -other
i18n aspell-en: bump to 2015.04.24-0
java tomcat7-bin: versipn bumped to 7.0.62.
kernel create-headers: prepared for 4.0 kernel headers
libs liboauth: use --disable-static.
lxde openbox: version bumped to 3.6.1.
mail thunderbird-bin" version bumped to 38.0.1.
mono mono: version bumped to 3.12.1.
net lksctp: An implementation of the SCTP protocol.
news liferea: version bumped to 1.10.15.
perl YAML: bump to 1.15
printer cups-filters: version bumped to 1.0.70.
python setuptools: version bumped to 18.0.1.
science astrometry: bump to 0.55
security tls: bump to 1.6.4 and a twiddle with the BUILD.
shells zsh: version bumped to 5.0.8.
sql redis: add a logrotate config file.
system watchdog: a daemon that resets your system if it detects that it's hung
terminal screen: version bumped to 4.3.1.
utils etckeeper: version bumped to 1.18.1
video oggconvert: It has moved.
virtual libvirt: version bumped to 1.2.17.
web Net-SSLeay: bump to 1.70
wifi hostapd: version bumped to 2.4.
x11-apps libreoffice-bin: version bumped to 4.4.4.
x11-utils conky: add a patch to fix the documentation generation.
x11-wm i3: version bumped to 4.10.2.
zbeta qt5: Clean up DETAILS
COPYING Initial revision
LICENSE Update this file: remove LP and state "Lunar-Linux" instead. minor tw…
aliases iojs: a fork of node.js.
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