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mquery AUTO_21CF04 "Autodetect DFK 21CF04 camera module?" y "--enable-vid21394-21cf04" "--disable-vid21394-21cf04"
mquery VID_1394 "Build plugin for video-2-1394 capture device?" y "--enable-vid21394" "--disable-vid21394"
mquery DCAM_PLUG "Build plugin for IIDC 1394 cameras?" y "--enable-dcam" "--disable-dcam"
mquery V4L1_PLUG "Build plugin for video-4-linux version 1 ${PROBLEM_COLOR}kernels>=2.6.38 - n ${QUERY_COLOR}?" y "--enable-v4l" "--disable-v4l"
mquery V4L2_PLUG "Build plugin for video-4-linux version 2 ${PROBLEM_COLOR}kernels>=2.6.38 - n ${QUERY_COLOR}?" y "--enable-v4l2" "--disable-v4l2"
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