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# Fix for
patch_it $SOURCE3 1 &&
add_priv_user mongodb:mongodb -d /var/lib/mongodb &&
scons -j${MAKES:=1} all --full &&
prepare_install &&
scons -j${MAKES:=1} install --full --prefix=/usr &&
rm -f /usr/lib/libmongoclient.a &&
[ -f /etc/mongodb.conf ] || install -m 644 $SOURCE_CACHE/$SOURCE2 /etc/mongodb.conf &&
if module_installed systemd; then
# Manually create /run/mongodb now, systemd tmpfiles.d will handle this next boot
[ -d /run/mongodb ] || install -d -o mongodb -g root -m 0755 /run/mongodb
fi &&
for i in /var/{lib,log}/mongodb; do
install -d $i -o mongodb -g mongodb -m 770
) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
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