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# Clean up old java 1.6.0 service packs
rm -rf /usr/lib/j[rd][ek]1.6.0_* &&
rm -rf /usr/java &&
rm -f /usr/lib/ &&
prepare_install &&
# Install java to right directory
mkdir -p /usr/java &&
# This is default and recommended installation place for Java
cp -r $SOURCE_DIRECTORY /usr/java &&
# Sun's recommended symlinks:
# This one _always_ points on latest Java release
ln -sf /usr/java/jdk${DVERSION} /usr/java/latest &&
# This one _always_ points on default Java.
# If not set manually by root it defaults to /usr/java/latest:
if [ ! -h /usr/java/default ]; then
ln -sf /usr/java/latest /usr/java/default
fi &&
# Some dumb distros say java is only library so install it in /usr/lib
# We make symlink to help applications find java if they were developed in such ill environment
ln -sf /usr/java/jdk${DVERSION} /usr/lib/jdk${DVERSION} &&
# Some applications don't accept anything but /usr/bin
for file in /usr/java/latest/bin/*; do
bfile=`basename $file`
# Conflicting files with heimdal
if [[ "$bfile" != "klist" ]] && [[ "$bfile" != "kinit" ]]; then
ln -sf $file /usr/bin/
done &&
mkdir -p /usr/lib/lunar/plugins &&
rm -f /usr/lib/lunar/plugins/{,} &&
# Always use new plugin.
# Firefox 3, Seamonkey 2, Google chrome/inium use it
# KDE3/4 Konqueror and Opera always uses Java directly so do not use any plugin
if [ -d /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/amd64 ]; then
ln -sf /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/amd64/server/ /usr/lib/
ln -sf /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/amd64/ /usr/lib/lunar/plugins/
ln -sf /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/i386/server/ /usr/lib/
ln -sf /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/i386/ /usr/lib/lunar/plugins/
fi &&
# Calligra has trouble finding this.
if [ "`arch`" == "x86_64" ] ; then
ln -sf /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/amd64/xawt/ /usr/lib/
ln -sf /usr/java/latest/jre/lib/i386/xawt/ /usr/lib/
fi &&
cd /usr/java/jdk${DVERSION}/jre/lib/security &&
if [ $JCEYES == "y" ]; then
rm -f US_export_policy.jar local_policy.jar
ln -s UnlimitedJCEPolicy/US_export_policy.jar US_export_policy.jar
ln -s UnlimitedJCEPolicy/local_policy.jar local_policy.jar
rm -rf UnlimitedJCEPolicy
fi &&
cd - &&
echo export JAVA_HOME=\"/usr/java/latest\" >> $SOURCE_DIRECTORY/sun-jdk.rc &&
echo export PATH=\"'$PATH':'$JAVA_HOME'/bin\" >> $SOURCE_DIRECTORY/sun-jdk.rc &&
install -m644 $SOURCE_DIRECTORY/sun-jdk.rc /etc/profile.d/ &&
rm -rf /usr/java/jdk${DVERSION}/jdk${DVERSION} &&
rm -rf /usr/java/jdk${DVERSION}/old.libraries
) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
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