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if [ ! -f "/etc/ferm-1.2-example.conf" ] ; then
message ""
message "ferm config file format has changed between versions 1.1 and 1.2"
message "To convert your ferm.conf file, you need to load your old ferm.conf"
message "and run \`iptables-save | import-ferm > \$your_new_config\`."
message ""
iptables-save | import-ferm > /etc/ferm-1.2-example.conf
message "I have done this command for you. The suggested new ferm.conf file"
message "is saved as /etc/ferm-1.2-example.conf. You should inspect this file"
message "and copy it to /etc/ferm.conf.${DEFAULT_COLOR}"
message ""
message "${QUERY_COLOR}Press [ENTER] to acknowledge${DEFAULT_COLOR}"
read -t $PROMPT_DELAY foo
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