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mquery MYTH_OPENGL "Enable OpenGL Support in MythMusic and MythGallery?" y "--enable-opengl" "--disable-opengl"
mquery MYTH_ARCHIVE "Enable MythArchve Plugin?" y "--enable-mytharchive" "--disable-mytharchive"
if [[ "$MYTH_ARCHIVE" == "y" ]]; then
  mquery MYTH_ARCH_DVD "MythArchve: Enable DVD creation?" y "--enable-create-dvd" "--disable-create-dvd"
  mquery MYTH_ARCH_NATIVE "MythArchve: Enable native archive creation?" y "--enable-create-archive" "--disable-create-archive"
mquery MYTH_FLIX "Enable MythFlix Plugin (NetFlix Integration)?" y "--enable-mythflix" "--disable-mythflix"
mquery MYTH_GALLERY "Enable MythGallery Plugin?" y "--enable-mythgallery" "--disable-mythgallery"
mquery MYTH_GAME "Enable MythGame Plugin?" y "--enable-mythgame" "--disable-mythgame"
mquery MYTH_MUSIC "Enable MythMusic (Integrated music player)?" y "--enable-mythmusic" "--disable-mythmusic"
mquery MYTH_NEWS "Enable MythNews Plugin (RSS feeds)?" y "--enable-mythnews" "--disable-mythnews"
mquery MYTH_VIDEO "Enable MythVideo Plugin (To play additional video types)?" y "--enable-mythvideo" "--disable-mythvideo"
mquery MYTH_WEATHER "Enable MythWeather Plugin?" y "--enable-mythweather" "--disable-mythweather"
mquery MYTH_ZONEMINDER "Enable MythZoneMinder Plugin (CCTV security camera interface)?" y "--enable-mythzoneminder" "--disable-mythzoneminder"
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