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# this seems to be a bad bug in boost
# see
# the following is based on an 12000 lines ArchLinux patch
for file in $(grep -l foreach -r . | grep "cpp\$\|hpp$"); do
sedit "/#include/ ! s:foreach:BOOST_FOREACH:g" $file &&
sedit "s:#include \".*foreach.hpp\":#include <boost/foreach.hpp>:" $file
done &&
OPTS+=" -DBINDIR=games \
-DDESKTOPDIR=${MODULE_PREFIX}/share/applications \
-DICONDIR=${MODULE_PREFIX}/share/pixmaps \
# fribidi is obsolete and would require 0.10.*
if ! in_depends pango cairo; then
message "${PROBLEM_COLOR}Wesnoth requires pango to be build with cairo backend."
message "${PROBLEM_COLOR}Please rebuild pango and select cairo backend."
exit 1
) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
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