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depends nasm
depends bison
depends flex
depends gtk+-2
optional_depends "zlib" "--with-zlib" "--without-zlib" "for LZW compression via zlib"
optional_depends "expat" "--with-expat" "--without-expat" "for XML support via expat"
optional_depends "%JPEG" "--with-libjpeg" "--without-libjpeg" "for JPEG image support"
optional_depends "tiff" "--with-libtiff" "--without-libtiff" "for TIFF image support"
optional_depends "libpng" "--with-libpng" "--without-libpng" "for PNG image support"
optional_depends "SDL" "--with-sdl" "--without-sdl" "for audio support via SDL"
optional_depends "mesa-lib" "--with-opengl" "--without-opengl" "for OpenGL support (needed for hugin)"
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