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depends XML-Twig
depends XML-Writer
depends Date-Manip
depends HTML-Parser
depends HTML-Tree
depends Lingua-Preferred
depends Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate
depends Unicode-String
depends TermReadKey
depends libwww-perl
# following may or may not be needed, but it's not possible to know
# until after the manual setup, so include all of them just to be safe.
depends Archive-Zip
depends File-Slurp
depends HTTP-Cache-Transparent
depends perl-tk
depends Term-ProgressBar
depends WWW-Mechanize
depends XML-LibXML
depends SOAP-Lite
depends IO-stringy
depends TimeDate
depends Parse-RecDescent
depends DateTime
depends JSON
depends Tk-TableMatrix
depends DateTime-Format-Strptime
depends Class-Inspector
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