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bochs: Version bump to 2.6 and a rework of BUILD/CONFIGURE/DEPENDS.

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1 parent 21888ef commit 20202cb9a3b884f09bcaa070b53a6a316c1214fe stumbles committed Jan 7, 2013
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  1. +3 −52 virtual/bochs/BUILD
  2. +30 −12 virtual/bochs/CONFIGURE
  3. +4 −1 virtual/bochs/DEPENDS
  4. +3 −3 virtual/bochs/DETAILS
@@ -1,58 +1,9 @@
-bad_flags -malign-double
+# bad_flags -malign-double &&
-OPTS+=" --enable-cpu-level=6"
-OPTS+=" --with-all-libs"
+# OPTS+=" --enable-cpu-level=6" &&
-if [[ $ALL == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-all-optimizations"
- if [[ $G2H == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-guest2host-tlb"
- fi
- if [[ $REPEAT == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-repeat-speedups"
- fi
- if [[ $ICACHE == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-icache"
- fi
- if [[ $ASM == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-host-specific-asms"
- fi
-if [[ $SB16 == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-sb16=linux"
-if [[ $PLUGINS == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-plugins"
-if [[ $GLOBAL == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-global-pages"
-if [[ $SLOWDOWN == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-slowdown"
-if [[ $IDLE == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-idle-hack"
-if [[ $NE2000 == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-ne2000"
-if [[ $MSR == "y" ]]; then
- OPTS+=" --enable-ignore-bad-msr"
+ default_build
) > $C_FIFO 2>&1
@@ -1,12 +1,30 @@
-mquery ALL "Enable all safe optimizations?" y
-mquery G2H "Enable guest to host tlb (speed)?" y
-mquery REPEAT "Enable repeat speedups?" y
-mquery ICACHE "Enable icache (speed)?" y
-mquery ASM "Enable host specific asms?" y
-mquery SB16 "Emulate SB16?" n
-mquery PLUGINS "Enable plugins?" n
-mquery GLOBAL "Enable global pages?" n
-mquery SLOWDOWN "Enable timer slowdown?" n
-mquery IDLE "Enable idle hack?" n
-mquery NE2000 "Emulate NE2000 network card?" n
-mquery MSR "Ignore bad msr (Don't stop on error)?" n
+mquery ENABLE_IDLE_HACK "Enable Roland idle hack?" n "--enable-idle-hack" "--disable-idle-hack"
+mquery ENABLE_PLUGINS "Enable plugins?" n "--enable-plugins" "--disable-plugins"
+mquery ENABLE_A20_PIN "Enable support for the A20 pin?" y "--enable-a20-pin" "--disable-a20-pin"
+mquery ENABLE_X86_64 "Enable support for x86-64 instructions?" y "--enable-x86-64" "--disable-x86-64"
+mquery ENABLE_SMP "Enable support for SMP processors?" y "--enable-smp" "--disable-smp"
+mquery ENABLE_LONG "Enable support for physical addresses larger than 32 bit?" y "--enable-long-phy-address" "--disable-long-phy-address"
+mquery ENABLE_LRG_RAM "Enable support for large ramfile support?" y "--enable-large-ramfile" "--disable-large-ramfile"
+mquery ENABLE_NE2000 "Enable support for the NE2000?" y "--enable-ne2000" "--disable-ne2000"
+mquery ENABLE_PCI "Enable i440FX PCI support?" y "--enable-pci" "--disable-pci"
+mquery ENABLE_PCIDEV "Enable PCI host device mapping support?" y "--enable-pcidev" "--disable-pcidev"
+mquery ENABLE_USB "Enable USB and OHCI support?" y " --enable-usb --enable-usb-ohci" "--disable-usb --disable-usb-ohci"
+mquery ENABLE_PNIC "Enable PCI pseudo NIC support?" y "--enable-pnic" "--disable-pnic"
+mquery ENABLE_E1000 "Enable Intel Gigabit Ethernet support (E1000)?" y "--enable-e1000" "--disable-e1000"
+mquery ENABLE_SPEED "Enable support for repeated IO and mem copy speedups?" y "--enable-repeat-speedups" "--disable-repeat-speedups"
+mquery ENABLE_HANDLERS "Enable handlers-chaining emulation speedups?" y "--enable-handlers-chaining" "--disable-handlers-chaining"
+mquery ENALBE_MSR "Enable support for configurable MSR registers?" y "--enable-configurable-msrs" "--disable-configurable-msrs"
+mquery ENABLE_LOG "Enable logging including IPS in the Bochs log file?" y "--enable-logging --enable-show-ips" "--disable-logging --disable-show-ips"
+mquery ENABLE_RAW_SERIAL "Enable raw serial port access?" y "--enable-raw-serial" "--disable-raw-serial"
+mquery ENABLE_CLGD "Enable CLFD54XX (Cirus Logic) video emulation?" y "--enable-clgd54xx" "--disable-clgd54xx"
+mquery ENABLE_FPU "Enable FPU emulation?" n "--enable-fpu" "--disable-fpu"
+mquery ENABLE_CMX "Enable VMX emulation?" y "--enable-vmx=2" "--enable-vmx=no"
+mquery ENABLE_SVM "Enable SVM (AMD: secure virtual machine) emulation?" n "--enable-svm" "--disable-svm"
+mquery ENABLE_AVX "Enable AVX instructions?" n "--enable-avx" "--disable-avx"
+mquery ENABLE_CDROM "Enable CDROM support?" y "--enable-cdrom" "--disable-cdrom"
+mquery ENABLE_SB16 "Enable Sound Blaster 16 support?" y "--enable-sb16" "--disable-sb16"
+mquery ENABLE_ES1370 "Enable ES1370 soundcard support?" n "--enable-es1370" "--disable-es1370"
+mquery ENABLE_GAME "Enable standard PC gameport support?" y "--enable-gameport" "--disable-gameport"
+# This is broken
+#mquery ENABLE_INSTRUMENT "Enable support for instrumentation?" n "--enable-instrumentation" "--disable-instrumentation"
@@ -1 +1,4 @@
-optional_depends "wxGTK" "--with-wx" "" "for wxWindows support"
+optional_depends "readline" "--enable-readline" "--disable-readline" "For readline library support"
+optional_depends "XOrg7" "--with-x11" "--without-x11" "For X window GUI support"
+optional_depends "wxGTK" "--with-wx" "--without-wx" "For wxWindows support"
+optional_depends "SDL" "--with-sdl" "--without-sdl" "For SDL support"
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
- VERSION=2.5.1
- SOURCE_VFY=sha1:e1052e943ebb8e3b84f407e0e3f17607268253b6
+ SOURCE_VFY=sha1:327e7a6b5163a2795adae4a617554de4925b5cfe
- UPDATED=20120117
+ UPDATED=20130107
SHORT="i386 hardware emulator"
cat << EOF

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