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octave: added optional arpack dependency

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1 parent 84dd928 commit 592a96b46d4df4fc86c3f83d8a951c7d23ed6a57 @v4hn v4hn committed Jan 8, 2013
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@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ depends "lapack"
optional_depends "gperf" "" "" "if you need to recreate oct-gperf.h"
optional_depends "SuiteSparse" "--with-amd --with-camd --with-colamd --with-ccolamd --with-cholmod --with-cxsparse --with-umfpack" "--without-amd --without-camd --without-colamd --without-ccolamd --without-cholmod --without-cxsparse --without-umfpack" "for matrix support (Recommended)"
+optional_depends "arpack-ng" "" "--without-arpack" "for eigenvalue operations"
optional_depends "qhull" "--with-qhull" "--without-qhull" "for qhull support"
optional_depends "qrupdate" "--with-qrupdate" "--without-qrupdate" "for fast QR & Cholesky updating functions"
optional_depends "zlib" "--with-z" "--without-z" "for lossless compression support"

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