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partclone: updated DEPENDS for reiserfsprogs

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1 parent 40fe3c4 commit ab2192bb9c3e250d92ff572f5f56c91fc74000ad Terry Chan committed
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1 filesys/partclone/DEPENDS
@@ -6,3 +6,4 @@ optional_depends "jfsutils" "--enable-jfs" "" "for jfs support"
optional_depends "btrfs-progs" "--enable-btrfs" "" "for btrfs support"
optional_depends "hfsutils" "--enable-hfsp" "" "for hfs plus support"
optional_depends "dosfstools" "--enable-fat --enable-exfat" "" "for fat/exfat support"
+optional_depends "reiserfsprogs" "--enable-reiserfs" "" "for reiserfs support"

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