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firefox: add justification for jpeg-turbo depends

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1 parent 5d06dc3 commit b04f2d02cb4bd90fcac1de258503de859b08b0a9 @v4hn v4hn committed Feb 3, 2013
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@@ -27,4 +27,6 @@ optional_depends "dbus-glib" "--enable-dbus" "--disable-dbus" "For dbus
optional_depends "libffi" "--enable-system-ffi" "--disable-system-ffi" "Use system libffi instead of compiling the one in firefox"
optional_depends "sun-jdk" "--with-java-bin-path=/usr/java/default/bin" "" "for java support"
+# firefox requires jpeg-turbo extensions, so NO, libjpeg is not enough
optional_depends "libjpeg-turbo" "--with-system-jpeg" "--without-system-jpeg" "system jpeg requires libjpeg-turbo"

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