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sparsehash: Adding to moonbase. Depends for clementine.

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1 parent 9dcb415 commit e4f71810e3f2a51f328497d5d71ef567840d754d stumbles committed Jan 13, 2013
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+ MODULE=sparsehash
+ VERSION=2.0.2
+ SOURCE_VFY=sha1:12c7552400b3e20464b3362286653fc17366643e
+ ENTERED=20130113
+ UPDATED=20130113
+ SHORT="memory-efficient hash_map implementation"
+cat << EOF
+An extremely memory-efficient hash_map implementation. 2 bits/entry overhead!
+The SparseHash library contains several hash-map implementations, including
+implementations that optimize for space or speed.
+These hashtable implementations are similar in API to SGI's hash_map class and
+the tr1 unordered_map class, but with different performance characteristics.
+It's easy to replace hash_map or unordered_map by sparse_hash_map or
+dense_hash_map in C++ code.
+They also contain code to serialize and unserialize from disk.

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