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libee: an event handling library.

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+depends libestr
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+ MODULE=libee
+ VERSION=0.4.0
+ SOURCE_VFY=sha1:a8df29b7571fcfacb5ac3cac4ebf48d357cfdf21
+ ENTERED=20130921
+ UPDATED=20130921
+ SHORT="Event expression library inspired by CEE"
+cat << EOF
+CEE is an upcoming standard used to describe network events in a number of
+normalized formats. It's goal is to unify they currently many different
+representations that exist in the industry.
+The core idea of libee is to provide a small but hopefully convenient API
+layer above the CEE standard. However, CEE is not finished. At the time of
+this writing, CEE is under heavy development and even some of its core data
+structures (like the data dictionary and taxonmy) have not been fully

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