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Commits on Sep 10, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 anthy: use sha256 sum. 1ced0ad
@Florin65 Florin65 freetype2: make harfbuzz an optional depend. 5f6f0d5
@Florin65 Florin65 i3: version bumped to 4.10.4. 451958c
@Florin65 Florin65 libev: do not install static lib. b7a5681
@Florin65 Florin65 libdv: use sha256 sum. 2e830ed
@Florin65 Florin65 aspell: use sha256 sum. 01568f4
@Florin65 Florin65 hspell: version bumped to 1.3. 8f774de
@Florin65 Florin65 hunspell: add a BUILD file. 2a0bf31
@Florin65 Florin65 aspell-hu: Hungarian aspell dictionary. fa42353
@Florin65 Florin65 aspell-pt_br: brazilian aspell dictionary. 9e0786e
@Florin65 Florin65 aspell-*: use sha256 sum. f374f98
@Florin65 Florin65 ding: use sha256 sum. 04a5745
@Florin65 Florin65 icu4c: use sha256 sum. 7b20e1b
@Florin65 Florin65 scim: use sha256 sum. 9d1237b
@Florin65 Florin65 scim-anthy: use sha256 sum. b46c774
@Florin65 Florin65 scim-tables: use sha256 sum. 908a080
@Florin65 Florin65 clojure: some tweaks. e5547c9
@Florin65 Florin65 clojurescript: some tweaks. d12acb5
@Florin65 Florin65 closure: some tweaks. 211081a
@Florin65 Florin65 maven-bin: some tweaks. 4c57699
Commits on Sep 11, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 gnupg2: version bumped to 2.1.8. 7e73601
@Florin65 Florin65 git: version bumped to 2.5.2. 0de7271
@Florin65 Florin65 cups-filters: version bumped to 1.0.75. 8d3035a
@Florin65 Florin65 closure: version bumped to 20150901. d6cc22c
@Florin65 Florin65 x265: small tweaks. 3647638
@Florin65 Florin65 libvdpau: version bumped to 1.1.1. 675f64b
@Florin65 Florin65 npm: version bumped to 2.14.3. a8ac454
@v4hn v4hn VTK: introduce to -other
I maintained this in my private -ros section before
@Florin65 Florin65 node: at the end create the /usr/lib/node_modules directory. ddde312
@Florin65 Florin65 npm: fix the install. 428955f
@Florin65 Florin65 Merge branch 'master' of 93a7883
@Florin65 Florin65 ibus: version bumped to 1.5.11. 927ebcc
@Florin65 Florin65 openldap: version bumped to 2.4.42. 733d9bb
Commits on Sep 12, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 gdbm: add a security patch. 5671bdf
@Florin65 Florin65 Merge pull request #495 from dagbrown/zsh-5.1
zsh: version bumped to 5.1
@Florin65 Florin65 ImageMagick: version bumped to 6.9.2-0. a650893
@Florin65 Florin65 zsh: version bumped to 5.1.1.
Reworked the module.
Commits on Sep 13, 2015
@rtlanceroad rtlanceroad i3: add missing dependency e2070fa
@rtlanceroad rtlanceroad ufraw: depends lcms2 rather than lcms 0b979f6
@rtlanceroad rtlanceroad firefox-bin: use http rather than ftp c0cc73e
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #502 from rtlanceroad/firefox-bin
firefox-bin: use http rather than ftp
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #500 from rtlanceroad/i3
i3: add missing dependency
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #501 from rtlanceroad/ufraw
ufraw: depends lcms2 rather than lcms
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #497 from Florin65/jen
jenkins: version bumped to 1.628.
@Ratler Ratler openafs-driver: added kernel 4.2 patches 047faba
@Ratler Ratler spl, zfs-utils, zfs: version bumped to 0.6.5
Lunar should now properly handle the systemd services.

Fix for lunar-linux/moonbase-core#992
Commits on Sep 14, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 cups-filters: version bumped to 1.0.76. c147ebf
@Florin65 Florin65 Python-3: version bumped to 3.5.0. 2666497
Commits on Sep 15, 2015
@v4hn v4hn PyQt: fix hard-coded python version 136dfff
@v4hn v4hn blender: fix hardcoded python version 1013f6f
@v4hn v4hn blender: disable OpenMP. It fails with Python3.5 & current gcc
Once gcc supports _Atomic with -fopenmp,
or Python removes _Atomic from its headers again,
this can be enabled again.
@v4hn v4hn opencv: add VTK support 6df7f1e
Commits on Sep 16, 2015
@dagbrown dagbrown rustc: The compiler for the Rust programming language
I guess there isn't much software in the wild (yet?) written in Rust,
hence the lack of a module for it.
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #504 from dagbrown/rustc-1.2.0
rustc: The compiler for the Rust programming language
@v4hn v4hn libfreenect: introduction to -other ce14ead
Commits on Sep 18, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 node: version bumped to 4.1.0. a4620cd
@Florin65 Florin65 cmake: version bumped to 3.3.2. 5635f05
@Florin65 Florin65 git: version bumped to 2.5.3. dd1918c
@Florin65 Florin65 gnutls: version bumped to 3.4.5. 844a7ea
@Florin65 Florin65 libtasn1: version bumped to 4.7. c2c2dae
@Florin65 Florin65 unrar: version bumped to 5.3.4. 21766ad
@Florin65 Florin65 mercurial: version bumped to 3.5.1. f93aa31
@Florin65 Florin65 bind, bind-utils: version bumped to 9.10.3. 2fc42cb
Commits on Sep 19, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 clojurescript: version bumped to 1.7.122. 9f9281a
@Florin65 Florin65 cgdb: a ncurses based interface for gdb. 89a5ead
@Florin65 Florin65 libsigsegv: version bumped to 2.10. df8f3f1
@Florin65 Florin65 closure: rename it closure-compiler. removed the old module from comp…
…ilers dir.
@Florin65 Florin65 ffcall: improved. 13745dc
@Florin65 Florin65 clisp: add a patch for gcc 5.x. improvements. b5a5ae6
@Ratler Ratler postfix: version bumped to 3.0.2 5c1e01e
@Ratler Ratler influxdb: version bumped to a16aa93
@Ratler Ratler grafana: initial import of a general purpose dashboard and graph comp…
Commits on Sep 20, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 gtk+-3: version bumped to 3.16.7 50c7525
@Florin65 Florin65 hplip: version bumped to 3.15.9. 173b974
@Florin65 Florin65 firefox-bin: version bumped to 40.0.3. f1d0690
Commits on Sep 21, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 firefox-bin: use the installed icon. 7633d01
@v4hn v4hn clingo: version bump c797950
@Florin65 Florin65 giblib: use sha256 sum. c4ae316
@Florin65 Florin65 scrot: it depends on giblib. efc1a77
@Florin65 Florin65 Merge branch 'master' of c4facf2
@Florin65 Florin65 scrot: small fix. 2e78078
@Florin65 Florin65 screenFetch: Fetch system theme/info to the terminal. 63d4ed6
@v4hn v4hn Revert "libsigsegv: version bumped to 2.10."
This breaks gawk if it was accidentally built with libsigsegv
before the --without flag got added.

This reverts commit df8f3f1.
@Florin65 Florin65 phpMyAdmin: version bumped to 4.4.15. ef6e899
@Florin65 Florin65 links: version bumped to 2.12. ad345ba
@Florin65 Florin65 squid: version bumped to 3.5.9. 2ea7cce
@Florin65 Florin65 jenkins: version bumped to 1.630. 64d4766
Commits on Sep 22, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 leiningen-bin: version bumped to 2.5.3.
removed leiningen module.
@Florin65 Florin65 Merge pull request #499 from Florin65/zsh
zsh: version bumped to 5.1.1.
@Ratler Ratler chromium: version bumped to 45.0.2454.99 f5dd17e
@Ratler Ratler libcap-ng: added optional dependency for python 3 6b5a7ce
@Ratler Ratler speech-dispatcher: added require dependency for libsndfile 2a4e5a1
Commits on Sep 23, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 qemu: version bumped to ddd6a8f
@Florin65 Florin65 libreoffice-bin: version bumped to 5.0.2. de845b2
@Florin65 Florin65 node: version bumped to 4.1.1. 674e57a
@Florin65 Florin65 flash-plugin-11: version bumped to 254c3ed
@Florin65 Florin65 scons: versin bumped to 2.4.0. ce56f02
@Florin65 Florin65 gdk-pixbuf: version bumped to 2.31.7. 625a803
@Florin65 Florin65 firefox-bin: version bumped to 41.0. b4c32ae
@Florin65 Florin65 conky: some tweaks. f5f35ac
@Florin65 Florin65 phpMyAdmin: version bumped to 4.5.0. 9e523f1
@Florin65 Florin65 compton: some tweaks. bb621e2
Commits on Sep 24, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 mjpegtools: fix the build. 07c9143
@Florin65 Florin65 cdparanoia: use sha256 sum. 3312df8
@Florin65 Florin65 libcdio-paranoia: version bumped to 10.2+0.93+1. a5ff94d
@Florin65 Florin65 libcdio: it depends on ncurses. 8b64fb2
@Florin65 Florin65 libcddb: use sha256 sum. ff2e2f6
@Florin65 Florin65 phpMyAdmin: version bumped to 0c7f9b4
@Florin65 Florin65 Twisted: version bumped to 15.4.0. a6c25d4
@Florin65 Florin65 orc: version bumped to 0.4.24. 2cc383c
@Florin65 Florin65 v4l-utils: improvements. 970063e
@Florin65 Florin65 libcdio: it's a circular depends with vcdimager. solve it. dca18c4
@Florin65 Florin65 vcdimager: solve the circular depend on libcdio. eda8269
@Florin65 Florin65 nouveau-fw: small tweaks. 4a2d11e
@Florin65 Florin65 libcddb: it optionally depends on libcdio (a circular depend).
solve it.
@Florin65 Florin65 libcdio: it's acircular depend on libcddb too.
solve it.
@Florin65 Florin65 libcdio: fix last situation. e78909b
@v4hn v4hn libgdiplus: fix broken pc file a48a8d1
@v4hn v4hn cyrus-sasl: one more patch to lunar's frankenstein monster
Commits on Sep 25, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 firefox-bin: fix a path. 6cb0605
@Florin65 Florin65 firefox-bin: fix typo. 7865f13
@Florin65 Florin65 File-Which: version bumped to 1.19. 4bfa78e
@Florin65 Florin65 Archive-Zip: version bumped to 1.53. f5eca66
@Florin65 Florin65 CPAN-Meta: version bumped to 2.150005. d15771d
@Florin65 Florin65 PAR-Dist: build and manipulate PAR distributions. 96f7e75
@Florin65 Florin65 inc-latest: build, test and install perl modules. e47b440
@Florin65 Florin65 Module-Build: rework it. 464cc3d
@Florin65 Florin65 File-BaseDir: reowrk it. 86bd310
@Florin65 Florin65 pulseaudio: version bumped to 7.0. d6e3b53
@Florin65 Florin65 jpeg: use sha256 sum. 117b32b
@Florin65 Florin65 npm: version bumped to 3.3.4. fd2a724
@Florin65 Florin65 libjpeg-turbo: version bumped to 1.4.2. 44858ab
Commits on Sep 26, 2015
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #506 from Florin65/jenk
jenkins: version bumped to 1.630.
@Ratler Ratler speech-dispatcher: requires Python3 not 2.x d1f5305
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #463 from Florin65/llvm
llvm: version bumped to 3.6.1.
@Ratler Ratler Merge branch 'master' of 868f1ef
@Ratler Ratler libepoxy: removing duplicate module, already in moonbase-xorg 833a87b
@Ratler Ratler Merge branch 'master' of 337c05f
@Ratler Ratler Mako: requires setuptools 86ef3e8
@Ratler Ratler chromium: added missing depends and tweaked use flags' a9d10d9
@Ratler Ratler Merge pull request #507 from Ratler/crhomium-45
chromium: version bumped to 45.0.2454.99
@Florin65 Florin65 elixir: version bumped to 1.1.0. 897eafa
@Florin65 Florin65 keybinder: fix sha256 sum. 93b0c8a
@Florin65 Florin65 llvm: version bumped to 3.6.2. 32895b8
@Florin65 Florin65 vala: add a compile option. 6ae9db8
Commits on Sep 27, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 LXDE: it's a profile module. 61bc98c
@Florin65 Florin65 conky: some tweaks. 80688a3
@Florin65 Florin65 droid-fonts: version bumped to 20121017. e7ddcf9
@Florin65 Florin65 droid-fonts: some cleanups. 68e525d
@Florin65 Florin65 pidgin: rework the build options. f3d6454
@Florin65 Florin65 phpMyAdmin: version bumped to a511f4a
Commits on Sep 29, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 erlang: version bumped to 18.1. 1639dfd
@Florin65 Florin65 lirc: version bumped to 0.9.3. bd206d9
@Florin65 Florin65 git: version bumped to 2.6.0. ddb4650
@Florin65 Florin65 git: version bumped to 2.6.0. 73700f4
@Florin65 Florin65 bluez-5: version bumped to 5.35. 22cbe6c
@Florin65 Florin65 lxc: some tweaks. 855e07b
@Florin65 Florin65 setuptools: version bumped to 18.3.2. a35246c
Commits on Sep 30, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 nginx: version bumped to 1.9.5. 000ca14
@Florin65 Florin65 gstreamer: version bumped to 1.6.0. e68e49f
@Florin65 Florin65 gst-plugins-base-1.0: version bumped to 1.6.0. 8afd4eb
@Florin65 Florin65 gst-libav: version bumped to 1.6.0. 8cd83c5
@Florin65 Florin65 gst-plugins-bad-1.0: version bumped to 1.6.0. 8524e54
@Florin65 Florin65 gst-plugins-good-1.0: version bumped to 1.6.0. 2bb5ed5
@Florin65 Florin65 gst-plugins-ugly-1.0: version bumped to 1.6.0. 874a1b7
@Florin65 Florin65 gammu: version bumped to 1.36.5. 7f89771
@Florin65 Florin65 libwacom: version bumped to 0.15. c1debd4
Commits on Oct 01, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 php5: version bumped to 5.6.14. 7e7d379
@Florin65 Florin65 firefox-bin: version bumped to 41.0.1. 45e2107
Commits on Oct 02, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 cogl: version bumped to 1.22.4. 74434a6
@Florin65 Florin65 geoip-database: a geoip location for countries. 2d58afb
@Florin65 Florin65 geoip: a dns-to-country ip resolver library 9fd5eae
@Florin65 Florin65 vte: some tweaks. 31b41e0
@Florin65 Florin65 libsigc++2: version bumped to 2.6.1. dde6a93
@Florin65 Florin65 cairomm: version bumped to 1.12.0 dcfd441
@Florin65 Florin65 atk: version bumped to 2.18.0. f30b289
@Florin65 Florin65 gdk-pixbuf: version bumped to 2.32.1. 46d7ec9
@Florin65 Florin65 at-spi2-core: version bumped to 2.18.0. 880173a
@Florin65 Florin65 at-spi2-atk: version bumped to 2.18.0. 1cfa351
@Florin65 Florin65 gnome-common: version bumped to 3.18.0. 5ef4401
@Florin65 Florin65 poppler: version bumped to 0.36.0. 0f50b8e
@Florin65 Florin65 glew: version bumped to 1.13.0. f84652a
@Florin65 Florin65 valgring: version bumped to 3.11.0. a9372a3
@Florin65 Florin65 fontforge: version bumped to 20150824. f3a2136
@Florin65 Florin65 pango: version bumped to 1.38.0. 7e0f5c0
@Florin65 Florin65 hostapd: version bumped to 2.5. 6e73728
@Florin65 Florin65 elixir: version bumped to 1.1.1. 5e88e77
@Florin65 Florin65 guile: some tweaks. d4cb5d6
@Florin65 Florin65 librsvg: version bumped to 2.40.10. 62232f4
@Florin65 Florin65 vala: version bumped to 0.30.0. 0db81ce
@Florin65 Florin65 pygobject: version bumped to 3.18.0. 040c702
@Florin65 Florin65 lightdm: version bumped to 1.16.3. f0b6383
@Florin65 Florin65 squid: version bumped to 3.5.10. 4d42e14
@Florin65 Florin65 iso-codes: version bumped to 3.62. 8f88d74
@Florin65 Florin65 libvirt: version bumped to 1.2.20. e57cd86
@Florin65 Florin65 gobject=introspection: small tweaks. 76a68a2
@Florin65 Florin65 dovecot: version bumped to 2.2.19. ef16518
@Florin65 Florin65 VirtualBox: version bumped to 5.0.6. fc23ba7
Commits on Oct 03, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 dovecot: some fixes and extend the depends. fb75339
@Florin65 Florin65 some tweaks. cff5e44
@Florin65 Florin65 npm: version bumped to 3.3.5. 349eb51
@Florin65 Florin65 geoip-database: update the sha256 sums. 14a82f9
@Florin65 Florin65 nginx: added http_v2 and http_geoip modules. 488fe4a
@Florin65 Florin65 optipng: use sha256 sum. 214c974
@Florin65 Florin65 gdbus-codegen: version bumped to 2.46.0. adabc60
@Florin65 Florin65 gtk+-3: version bumped to 3.18.0. ce89d92
@Florin65 Florin65 atkmm: version bumped to 2.24.1. 24e817c
@Florin65 Florin65 pangomm: version bumped to 2.38.1. 1e4d6a4
@Florin65 Florin65 glibmm: version bumped to 2.46.1. 23a367c
@Florin65 Florin65 lsb-release: use sha256 sum. 1173d12
@Florin65 Florin65 subversion: version bumped to 1.9.2. 78905a8
@Florin65 Florin65 apr-util: some tweaks. d088172
@Florin65 Florin65 libsigsegv: version bumped to 2.10. fc6491b
@Florin65 Florin65 isl: version bumped to 0.15. 2879de9
@Florin65 Florin65 mime-types: provides the file /etc/mime.types bfeecbe
@Florin65 Florin65 ghostscript: rework it a bit. 9971212
@Florin65 Florin65 psutils: rework it a bit. 86aaf19
@Florin65 Florin65 splix: rework it a bit. 803fddf
@Florin65 Florin65 snort: version bumped to 263df38
@Florin65 Florin65 sash: version bumped to 3.8. 4410ded
@Florin65 Florin65 lunar-init: small tweaks. 3a02fd1
@Florin65 Florin65 sysvinit: small tweaks. ffcd60b
@Florin65 Florin65 module-init-tools: small tweaks. 532e6d6
@Florin65 Florin65 inxi: small tweaks. 6f6e8d4
@Florin65 Florin65 logrotate: rework it a bit. 55ea46f
@Florin65 Florin65 procinfo: rework the module. bc56fa4
@Florin65 Florin65 resolvconf: split the BUILD file. e6d74b5
@Florin65 Florin65 MPlayer: Blue version bumped to 1.11. 9a4098e
Commits on Oct 04, 2015
Terry Chan mutt sidebar patch 1.5.24 a91ce6d
Terry Chan mutt: fixed the download URL for mutt-1.5.24 sourcecode 2014a60
@Florin65 Florin65 gtk+-3: version bumped to 3.18.1. c8b9f9c
@Florin65 Florin65 libass: version bumped to 0.13.0. 1464fb0
@Florin65 Florin65 harfbuzz: version bumped to 1.0.4. 62ae343
@Florin65 Florin65 freetype2: version bumped to 2.6.1. d07b3d8
Commits on Oct 05, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 feh: version bumped to 2.14. 99b2507
@Florin65 Florin65 groovy-bin: version bumped to 2.4.5. f890ec3
@v4hn v4hn isl: moved py file to libexec 713872d
@v4hn v4hn cloog: version bump
make it compatible with isl-15
@Florin65 Florin65 sane-backends: version bumped to 1.0.25. da0a071
@v4hn v4hn eigen3: version bump & cleanup 2329198
@v4hn v4hn eigen3: install provided FindEigen3.cmake
... although this *should* be an Eigen3Config.cmake ...
@v4hn v4hn inkscape: build with c++11
required by some recently bumped included headers
Commits on Oct 06, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 git: version bumped to 2.6.1. 47fb7f2
@Florin65 Florin65 ghostscript: version bumped to 9.18. fb2a3c0
@Florin65 Florin65 node: version bumped to 4.1.2. d4d970e
@Florin65 Florin65 libcap-ng: small tweak. 49f5b17
@Florin65 Florin65 libbluray: version bumped to 0.9.0. 637d2c6
@Florin65 Florin65 testdisk: small rweaks. e9c66a0
Commits on Oct 07, 2015
@Florin65 Florin65 libmtp: version bumped to 1.1.10. e9578f8
@Florin65 Florin65 soxr: version bumped to 0.1.2. b0513ba