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app-themes gtk-engines2: move it from gnome3 repo.
archive advancecomp: bump to 1.20
audio taglib-extras: add missing depends and adjusting BUILD to find taglib.
bluetooth bluez-5: version bumped to 5.36.
cd cdrtools: version bumped to 3.02a02.
chat telepathy-logger: just a couple of minor tweaks.
compilers dart-sdk: version bumped to 1.13.0.
crypto gnutls: version bumped tp 3.4.7.
devel polkit: minor BUILD tweak
distributed openmpi: further optimizations.
doc-tools mupdf: fix version bump
docs abs-guide: put the tarball on MIRRORS_URL.
editors geany: version bumped to 1.26.
education anki: version bump
filemanagers mc: version bumped to 4.8.15.
filesys spl, zfs-utils, zfs: version bumped to
fonts SourceCodePro-fonts: fixing sha256
ftp curl: 7.45.0.
games wesnoth: version bumped to 1.12.5.
gnustep gnustep-back: version bump
graphics blender: fix broken " string
haskell/haskell-platform haskell-platform: introduction to -other
i18n iso-codes: version bumped to 3.63.
java maven-bin: version bumped to 3.3.9.
kernel spl, zfs-utils, zfs: version bumped to
libs libspectre: Adding a patch
lxde lxde: some tweaks.
mail thunderbird: version bump & build fixes
mono libgdiplus: fix broken pc file
net socat: bump to
news liferea: version bumped to 1.10.16.
perl File-BaseDir: reowrk it.
printer ghostscript: forgot to change UPDATED
python numpy: bump to 1.10.1
science astrometry: bump to 0.64
security nmap: version bumped to 7.00.
shells busybox: version bumped to 1.24.1.
sql phpMyAdmin: version bumped to 4.5.2.
system module-init-tools: small tweaks.
terminal tmux: version bumped to 2.1
utils zeitgeist: bump to 0.9.16. A few adjustments to BUILD and DEPENDS.
video MPlayer: VERSION BUMP (after 3 years) :)
virtual VirtualBox: fix the sha256 sum.
wayland/wayland wayland: Adding to moonbase, needed by kde frameworks, applications a…
web npm: version bumped to 3.4.1.
wifi hostapd: version bumped to 2.5.
x11-apps libreoffice-bin: version bumped to 5.0.3.
x11-utils lightdm: version bumped to 1.16.5.
x11-wm sddm: Making the .desktop more in line with the normal naming convent…
zbeta qt5: bump to Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines …
COPYING Initial revision
LICENSE Update this file: remove LP and state "Lunar-Linux" instead. minor tw…
aliases node: the iojs and nodejs projects merged.
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