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app-themes oxygen-gtk3: bump to 1.4.1
archive Merge branch 'master' of
audio libaudclient: introduce to -other
bluetooth bluez-5: bump to 5.28
cd cdrtools: version bumped to 3.01a27.
chat libnice: version bumped to 0.1.10.
compilers go: version bumped to 1.4.2.
crypto gnupg2: version bumped to 2.1.2.
devel git: version bumped to 2.3.1.
distributed transmission: move it from gnome3 repo.
doc-tools TECkit: Fixing sha1
docs man-pages: version bumped to 3.80.
editors geany: version bumped to 1.24.1.
education anki: version bump
filemanagers qtfm: cleanup indentions
filesys nfs-utils: version bumped to 1.3.2.
fonts Various modules DETAILS: Converting iso-8859-1 text to UTF-8.
ftp curl: version bumped to 7.41.0.
games springlobby: overdue bump
gnustep gnustep-back: version bump
graphics gtk+-3: version bumped to 3.14.9.
haskell/haskell-platform haskell-platform: introduction to -other
i18n aspell-en: bump to 2015.02.15-0
java tomcat7-bin: version bumped to 7.0.59.
kernel irqbalance: version bumped to 1.0.7.
libs libzeitgeist: BUILD not required and gobject-introspection is an inva…
lxde lxsession: add missing dependency
mail thunderbird: fix checksum
mono mono: version bumped to 3.12.0.
net samba: version bumped to 3.6.25.
news liferea: version bumped to 1.10.9.
perl SOAP-Lite: bump to 0.715
printer hplip: bump to 3.15.2 along with a few tweaks to BUILD and DEPENDS.
python setuptools: version bumped to 12.2.
science ParaView: tweak its .desktop
security clamav: version bumped to 0.98.6.
shells busybox: version bumped to 1.23.1.
sql sqlite: version bumped to
system watchdog: a daemon that resets your system if it detects that it's hung
terminal libutempter: adding to moonbase
utils ideviceinstaller: removing -Werror
video vlc: needed autoreconf -fi here else configure blew its brains out.
virtual VirtualBox: version bumped to 4.3.22.
web firefox: Bump to 36.0. Adding libpng optional_depends. Adding a sedit…
wifi hostapd: version bumped to 2.3.
x11-apps xcalib: bump to 0.9.0
x11-utils conky: depends on libaudclient instead of audacious
x11-wm fluxbox: version bumped to 1.3.7.
zbeta qt5: is needed by phonon (qt5) part of its b…
COPYING Initial revision
LICENSE Update this file: remove LP and state "Lunar-Linux" instead. minor tw…
aliases aliases: remove the %GNUPG definition. not used in the moonbase.
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