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depends libdrm
depends libdmx
depends bigreqsproto
depends xf86driproto
depends glproto
depends randrproto
depends fixesproto
depends damageproto
depends xf86bigfontproto
depends scrnsaverproto
depends xf86dgaproto
depends videoproto
depends compositeproto
depends trapproto
depends xineramaproto
depends xcmiscproto
depends presentproto
depends libxkbfile
depends libXt
depends evieext
depends libXfont
depends libxkbui
depends libXxf86vm
depends libXaw
depends libXi
depends libXrender
depends libXtst
depends libXres
depends pixman
depends dbus-glib
depends xkeyboard-config
depends libpciaccess
depends libXinerama
depends xcb-util-keysyms
depends mesa-lib
depends %UDEV
optional_depends libinput "" "" "for libinput support"
optional_depends libevdev \
"--enable-kdrive-evdev" "" \
"for evdev support"
optional_depends libgcrypt \
"--with-sha1=libgcrypt" "" \
"for SHA1 implementation"
optional_depends libepoxy \
"--enable-glamor" \
"--disable-glamor" \
"for glamor support (needed for radeonsi driver)" y
optional_depends libunwind \
"--enable-libunwind" \
"--disable-libunwind" \
"for call-chain library support" n
optional_depends wayland \
"--enable-wayland" "" \
"for Wayland support"
optional_depends xmlto \
"--with-xmlto" \
"--without-xmlto" \
"for xmlto support to regenerate documentation" n
optional_depends libXxf86misc "" "" "for some old binary compatibility" n
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