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Server Mappings


Server Mappings is a collection of mappings for Minecraft servers, including the most popular servers such as Hypixel, Mineplex, and more. Server Mappings provides information such as server name, server icon and more.

For a full overview of the information which can be found in Server Mappings, check out our documentation.

How do I add/update/remove a server?

You can add your server to Server Mappings by creating a pull request on this repository. We ask that you must follow the guidelines detailed in our documentation on what you should include to have your server added.


We ask that this repository is only used to store mappings for public Minecraft servers. Some server IPs, such as private SMPs, tournament servers, etc. should not be listed in this repository, out of respect for privacy.

Lunar Client also reserves the right to omit any servers that do not comply with our terms of service.

Inactive Server Policy

If a server has closed down or has not been joinable for at least 3 months, we will add it to the inactive.json. This just flags our internal systems to not include the server in various place, but still retains all of the branding and other metadata you submit.

If you believe your server has been incorrectly marked as inactive, please contact us in the Lunar Client Developers Discord or create an issue.

Can I use this data for my project?

You are free to use this data for anything you wish. As long as it abides by our terms of service. You can read how to harness this data in our documentation.

Any other questions?

Please join our Lunar Client Developers Discord for any additional questions.


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