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NOI Hackathon Summer Edition - Project Ida (Interactive Destination Assistant)
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Ida Interactive Destination Assistant

NOI Hackathon Summer Edition Project

What is Ida?

Ida has two meanings. The first is literal, it stands for: Interactive Destination Assistant the other one is more fun: its a South Tyrolean (German) name 💁‍♂️ and that helps to give personality to the assistant.

Ida is an assistant that helps tourists to plan excursions in South Tyrol.

How does Ida assist tourists?

First things first:

Ida is composed of more than one part. The first one being: Ida runs on a Kiosk. The second one: Ida also runs on a mobile device📱.

Ida's Workflow

  • The tourist stands in front of the Kiosk and selects his language🌐.
  • The tourist can take a picture📸 using the Kiosk. A cognitive service💻 recognizes age, sex, number of persons and the group type such as single👨, couple💑, family👨‍👩‍👧 or friends👋. (this step can be skipped, and information can be corrected/inserted manually.)
  • Ida will start to ask some questions to the tourist. Examples:

What do you prefer?

  • Historical cities

    • Famed Landmarks
    • Local Eats
  • Beautiful landscapes

    • Supreme relaxation
    • A hike in the mountains


  • According to the obtained Information Ida will generate a couple of unique experiences in South Tyrol.
  • The tourist selects the experience and enjoys the day👌.
  • Optionally the tourist can download the app📱 that adds more information to the experience and provides weather related☁️ updates... The user can also print his selected unique experience.

Where will Ida be placed?

Good question🤔

💡 Ida can be placed in Hotels. Moreover, Hotels can offer their own experiences on Ida, next to the public ones everyone can create, of course.

💡 Technically at any other place of interest.

Who will provide unique experiences for Ida?

  • The hotels
  • The community
  • Travel guides: this group of people can offer paid excursions.


This is a project for the NOI Hackathon Summer Edition 2019.






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