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Be aware that this app for now only configure a reverse proxy to access your Squeezebox installation.

Yunohost App to add Squeezebox (a web frontend to manage multi-rooms music)

Status : The app can be used, it's working. But will not automaticly install Squeezebox, you must have a functionnal Squeezebox before (on the Yunhost server or other server)

It's creating a reverse proxy configuration. Find information on Yunohost wiki for installation/configuration of Squeezebox to work behind a Reverse Proxy

TODO : install Squeezebox if the server choosen is localhost

IMPORTANT : I have been able to use Squeezebox only on a root URL for a domain, using it in a location is not working with nginx. If you have success in it, please share the rules and I will update this app

More information about Squeezebox : http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Main_Page

More information about the Yunohost App : https://doc.yunohost.org/app_squeezebox