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This vim bundle adds syntax highlighting for .less. It's based on leafo's vim resource. This README is also heavily inspired by vim-coffee-script.

Installing and Using

  1. Install tpope's pathogen into ~/.vim/autoload/ and add the following line to your ~/.vimrc:

    call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles()

    Be aware that it must be added before any filetype plugin indent on lines according to the install page:

    Note that you need to invoke the pathogen functions before invoking "filetype plugin indent on" if you want it to load ftdetect files. On Debian (and probably other distros), the system vimrc does this early on, so you actually need to "filetype off" before "filetype plugin indent on" to force reloading.

  2. Create, and change into, the ~/.vim/bundle/ directory:

    $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
    $ cd ~/.vim/bundle
  3. Make a clone of the vim-less repository:

    $ git clone git://github.com/lunaru/vim-less.git
    $ ls

That's it. Pathogen should handle the rest. Opening a file with a .less extension will load everything.


  1. Change into the ~/.vim/bundle/vim-less/ directory:

    $ cd ~/.vim/bundle/vim-less
  2. Pull in the latest changes:

    $ git pull

Everything will then be brought up to date.