Vim configuration (outdated, I don't use Vim anymore)
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Vim configuration

My Vim configuration for Python programming and possibly other stuff. Since I've been using Emacs hitherto and am fairly new to Vim, this is somewhat ragged and incomplete. Ideas for improvement or cool new tricks are welcome!


I'm using the following plugins (managed with Pathogen of course):

User interface

Some nice extensions to the user interface:

  • Open files and buffer super-fast and super-easy with ctrlp (with tags and buffertag extensions enabled for easy tag browsing)
  • Explore files and projects with NerdTree

The default color scheme is Solarized light, a nice low-contrast colorscheme that really pleases the eye even after hours of work. Additionally I've installed a bunch of other schemes, but hardly use them:

The GUI font used is Menlo on OS X, and DejaVu Sans Mono on other systems.

Version control

Integrate various VCS into vim:

Editing and programming

Utilities for text editing and programming:

Python support

HTML and CSS support

CoffeeScript support

Other languages


Credits for this Vim configuration go to:


What remains to be done in this configuration:

  • Add py.test and ropevim
  • Integrate tox into Python to test straight from Vim?

Other Vim configurations

The following Vim configurations are also worth looking at for more awesome plugins: