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Sphinx extension to include program output into documents
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A Sphinx extension to literally insert the output of arbitrary commands into documents, helping you to keep your command examples up to date.


Install this extension from the Cheeseshop:

pip install sphinxcontrib-programoutput

The extension requires Sphinx 1.1 and Python 2.6 or Python 3.1 at least.


Just add this extension to extensions:

extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.programoutput']

Now you've two new directives program-output and command-output to insert the output of programs. The former just inserts the output:

.. program-output:: python -V


Python 2.7.1

The latter directive mimics a shell session, and is intended to show examples:

.. command-output:: python -V


$ python -V
Python 2.7.1

Please refer to the documentation for comprehensive information about usage and configuration of this extension.


Please report issues to the issue tracker if you have trouble or found a bug in this extension, but respect the following guidelines:

  • Check that the issue has not already been reported.
  • Check that the issue is not already fixed in the master branch.
  • Open issues with clear title and a detailed description in grammatically correct, complete sentences.


The source code is hosted on Github:

git clone

Please fork the repository and send pull requests with your fixes or features, but respect these guidelines:

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