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Owl PHPMailer single file with multiple smtp accounts capablities
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Owl PHPMailer

PHP mailer script with any features in a single file.

Owl PHPMailer uses PHPMailer class

Getting Started

All you need to get started is to upload the script to your webhost and start using it, Yes it's that simple!


  • PHP 5+


  • Multiple attachments support
  • Multiple encoding options, including UTF-8
  • Dynamic variables, random numbers, strings, datetime.. reciever email.. and many more
  • Mass email sending capabilities
  • Multiple SMTP Servers support.
  • Built-in and SMTP sending capabilities.
  • Alternative message body support, for legacy email clients.
  • HTML and plain message support.
  • Set Email proirity
  • Reply-to Email

Project website

Owl PHPMailer

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