Porting mysqltuner from perl to php
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* Introduction

Port of mysqltuner (http://mysqltuner.com) to PHP.  

* How to run

- checkout from git, git clone git@github.com:lunatech/myq_tuner.git
- cd myq_tuner
- open drive.php to update the user/pass/host details
- run the script with php, i.e. php drive.php

* ToDo

Not all of mysqltuner's functionality has been ported yet.  Want to help? Email rajlist@rajshekhar.net

** Engine stats are not being calculated

No innodb or myisam stats are being checked and no tuning options are being calculated on them.

** Implicitly assuming that we will be run on MySQL 5

With some minor tweaks, we can run on at least mysql 4.1.  First step, script should fail if not running on mysql 5.

** The class should handle the job of getting mysql status and vars

$mysql_vars   = mysql_query("show  /*!50000 GLOBAL */ variables") or die('Query failed: ' . mysql_error());
$mysql_status = mysql_query("show  /*!50000 GLOBAL */ status") or die('Query failed: ' . mysql_error());

$vars = result2hash($mysql_vars);
$status = result2hash($mysql_status);

These should move into the class

** How do we run system commands

Might need it to get mem/cpuinfo