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= Drag v0.3.4 For Radiant 0.9.0

Created by Bright 4, February 2009. Inspired by and based on Sean Cribbs' Reorder extension.

== Notes

Only designers and admins have the ability to re-order pages

== Installation

    git clone git:// vendor/extensions/drag
    rake radiant:extensions:drag:migrate
    rake radiant:extensions:drag:update

== Version History

# v0.3.4 - 29-03-2010
- Moved assets to extension/drag directory
- Updated instructions

# v0.3.3 - 09-02-2010
- Made compatible with Radiant 0.9.0

# v0.3.2 - 18-11-2009
- Made compatible with Radiant 0.8.1. This extension should now be compatible with at least version >= 0.6.9

# v0.3.1 - 25-05-2009
- FIX: if the move request takes some time to finish, the dragline now stays put when dropped instead of still being 
dragged along with the mouse.
- Changed color of the row that is being dragged to fit better with default Radiant colors.
- Small robustness-fix for cases when the rake migrate is forgotten.
- Modified install instructions in README.

# v0.3   - 16-03-2009
- Incorporated copy functionality. When pressing Ctrl or Command, you can copy the item.
- Fixed errors which occurred when trying to place two pages with the same slugs. Now, the second one is seen as a copy.

- Fixed some JS errors.

# v0.2.3 - 16-03-2009
- v0.2.2. was not really compatible with Radiant > 0.6.9... This one should be compatible with versions both before and 
after 0.7.

# v0.2.2 - 12-03-2009
- Made compatible with Radiant > 0.6.9

# v0.2.1 - 23-02-2009
- Fixed JS bug that did not allow dragging of child pages which were loaded using AJAX after expanding a page.

# v0.2   - 21-02-2009
- Initial commit