Radiant Extension to automatically generate a sitemap.xml for your site.
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Sitemap Xml


An XML Sitemap is used to give search engines information about your site. The Radiant SitemapXML Extension by Aissac creates a XML sitemap for your site.

Tested on Radiant 0.8 and 0.9.1.

Check out the screencast!


  • Allows you to specify in Radiant admin which pages appear in the sitemap;
  • Gives you the possibility to set the changed_frequency and priority per page.

Important Notice!

The git branches of this repository hold stable versions of the extension for older versions of Radiant CMS. For example the 0.8 branch is compatible with Radiant 0.8.

To checkout one of these branches:

git clone git://github.com/Aissac/radiant-sitemap-xml-extension.git vendor/extensions/sitemap_xml
cd vendor/extensions/sitemap_xml
git checkout -b <branch-name> origin/<remote-branch-name>

As an example, if you're working on Radiant 0.8 you will need to checkout the 0.8 branch:

cd vendor/extensions/sitemap_xml
git checkout -b my_branch origin/0.8


All you have to do is install the Radiant Sitemap XML Extension:

git clone git://github.com/Aissac/radiant-sitemap-xml-extension.git vendor/extensions/sitemap_xml

and run the migration

rake radiant:extensions:sitemap_xml:migrate


The <loc> XML tag holds the URL of the page. This URL must begin with the protocol (such as http) and end with a trailing slash. Radiant Sitemap extension automatically creates this tag for you, but you have the possibility to override it by setting Radiant::Config["sitemap_xml_domain"] to something like 'http://your-site.com'.


You can set if a particular page will make it to the sitemap by checking or unchecking the List this page with Google, Yahoo! and other search providers? checkbox on each page.

The Sitemap protocol format consists of XML tags:

  1. The <loc> required tag:

    • URL of the page. This URL must begin with the protocol (such as http) and end with a trailing slash.
    • You can override the host name by setting the Radiant::Config["sitemap_xml_domain"] = 'http://your-site.com'
    • Will be automatically created from the url of each page.
  2. The <lastmod> optional tag:

    • The date of last modification of the file. This date is in W3C Datetime format (YYYY-MM-DD).
    • Will be automatically created from the updated_at attribute of each page.
  3. The <changefreq> optional tag:

    • How frequently the page is likely to change.
    • You can set the changefreq from the Change frequency drop down on each page.
  4. The <priority> optional tag:

    • The priority of this URL relative to other URLs on your site. The default priority of a page is 0.5.
    • You can set the priority from the Priority drop down on each page.
  5. Visit http://yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

For more information on sitemaps, visit sitemaps.org.


This extension is translated to English and Romanian.

If you happen to translate it to some other languages please send a pull request.


If you want to contribute features or fixes please write your specs/cucumber features and code and submit pull requests to these github users:

  • cristi
  • ihoka