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Creator framework logo Creator framework - lightweight responsive design

Creator is a CSS and JavaScript based framework for modern responsive web development. The framework makes it easy to universally style a complete web site with just adding class names to your tags.

It contain features as Row and Column, modal dialogs, styled input elements, a collection of Color Profiles with let's you style all elements.

The framework is small and easy to include in your project.

UPDATE: Version 2 is soon ready for release! You can already now use it on your site.

  • Style: <link href="" rel="stylesheet" />
  • Script: <script async="async" src="" type="application/JAVASCRIPT"></script>

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Key features:

  • Device Media: Define which devices your content will be visible on
  • Support for retina devices
  • Row/Column: Pure CSS implementation
  • Color Profile: Full color schema of five colors for all eleven color profiles, allowing for easy styling elements
  • Over 600 flex styles so you don't need to define it over and over
  • Flex and Grid rewritten
  • New module utilizing the Dialog tag
  • Ability to style a whole site by defining only one style
  • All items in the different categories can by referenced when you don't need the whole framewowrk | |


Lightweight responsive framework for modern web development




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