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Lund University Fund for Open Source Software


Open Source Software (OSS) is not only changing our society, but a great way to learn about software development and to get a track record as a junior developer. LUFOSS gives scholarships to persons that contribute to OSS projects with significant utility and impact. Nominees can be students, doctoral candidates, and software developers in their early careers.


The activities of LUFOSS and the scholarships given shall support these general objectives:

  • to encourage open source activities among students, doctoral candidates, and young software developers in their early careers
  • to encourage the industry in the Öresund region to use and contribute to open source
  • to initiate exchange between students working with OSS and the Öresund OSS industry


The LUFOSS nomination commitee decides about scholarships based on proposals that are assessed in relation to the criteria below. Anyone can propose candidates at


The main criteria for the grant are:

  • Utility The utility of the OSS contribution is assessed in relation to the potential future benefit to end users, other OSS projects, businesses and society.
  • Impact The impact is assessed in relation to existing proof of, e.g., downloads, usage and recognition by end users, other OSS projects, businesses and society.
  • Öresund Connection Nominees should have a connection to the Öresund area (aka The Greater Lund Region).

The criteria are used to assess both persons and publically hosted open source repositories using these guidelines.

LUFOSS Nomination Committee


  • Hampus Jakobsson, Entrepreneur, Vice Chair of Lufoss
  • Jan-Erik Solem, Entrepreneur
  • Karl-Anders Johansson, Entrepreneur


  • Carolina Sartorius, Student LTH, Student faculty council Computer Science & Eng.
  • Erik Bjäreholt, Student LTH
  • Johan Linåker, PhD Student, President PhD Student section, TLTH


  • Björn Regnell, Professor LTH, Chair of Lufoss
  • Görel Hedin, Professor LTH
  • Kalle Åström, Professor LTH

How to contribute?

  • Anyone can nominate candidates to the LUFOSS scholarship at that have reached some level of maturity according to our guidelines.
  • If you represent an organisation or are a philanthropist interested in supporting open source software talents, you can donate to our fund hosted by Lund University that enables LUFOSS giving scholarships. Please contact for more information. LUFOSS is dedicated in helping companies finding open source software talents.
  • Volunteer to work for LUFOSS, e.g. helping out with spreading the word, participating at our scholarship announcement events, providing new ideas on further activities, etc.