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Make Sass math more flexible and powerful with CSS calc()
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Sass Calc

Easily build complex calc() expressions in Sass. Leverage calc() to do math that Sass can't.

'sass calc'

Use add(), subtract(), multiply() and divide() on values which have incompatible or unknown units, or which are var() expressions, or which are calc() expressions themselves. Return a new calc() expression, or use straight math where possible.

# in your project
npm install --save @lunelson/sass-calc
// in your sass file, assuming you have 'node_modules' in Sass' search path
@import '@lunelson/sass-calc/index';
// test.scss
:root {
  --foo: 20px;
$expr: calc(100vw - 50%);
.test {
  test: subtract(1.5em, 1em);
  test: add(1.5em, 1rem);
  test: add(multiply($expr, 2), 10px);
  test: add(multiply(var(--foo), 2), 10px);
  test: divide(subtract(1.5em, 1em), 2);
  test: subtract(divide(subtract(1.5em, 1em), 2), add(1em, 1ex));
/* test.css */
:root {
  --foo: 20px;

.test {
  test: 0.5em;
  test: calc(1.5em + 1rem);
  test: calc(((100vw - 50%) * 2) + 10px);
  test: calc((var(--foo) * 2) + 10px);
  test: 0.25em;
  test: calc(0.25em - (1em + 1ex));


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