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Traveling IOTA

It can be found at It is an educational project which also may be useful as Tangle metrics.

The backend is build with PyOTA, SQLite and Flask.

The idea

The goal is to measure real IOTA transfer confirmation time and of course to have some fun with the Tangle. Note that conventional CTPS/TPS (number of confirmed transaction / number of all transaction a.k.a. confirmation rate) doesn't say how long it would take to send iotas from one account to the other. Neither confirmation time of confirmed (lucky) transactions indicate that.

Transfer is considered completed when new balance is confirmed by the network.

To answer the question how long would it take to make a transfer of iotas from one IOTA address to another Traveling IOTA makes real transfers, collects statistics and calculates TfPH (transfers per hour) and other metrics.

The site is also a demonstration of unique feeless feature of IOTA transfers: a thing which is impossible in other cryptocurrencies.

How it works

Whole balance of the current IOTA address is transferred to the next one in a sequence, endlessly in a loop. Initial balance was 1 iota. Due to fee-less nature of IOTA transfers it remains being 1 iota until someone transfers more iotas to the moving account (see Etc).

Sequence of addresses is calculated deterministically from the seed and so is known in advance. There're several sequences in parallel: A, B and so on. Each sequence is run by separate sender process.

This way balance of iotas travels non-stop from one address to the next and spams the Tangle with value transactions.

Traveling IOTA can handle different nodes and strategies of the transfer. By default, bundle is reattached immediately when it becomes inconsistent as per check_consistency API call.

Reattach is forced after 10 to 30 minutes if bundle doesn't confirm.

Since version 3 transactions have tag TRAVELING999IOTA

Promotions are disabled since IRI 1.5.0. May be enabled in the future for some sequences.

Statistics about transaction confirmation time is collected in the process. Data of all sequences is included into the statistics. It is displayed along with part of the selected sequence of addresses.

Transfers per hour for a moment t is calculated the following way:

TfPH = NumTransfers / NumSenders


NumTransfers is number of transfers, completed by all senders during time interval of 1 hour preceeding t

NumSenders is average number of sender processes active during time interval of 1 hour preceeding t. Note, that number of active senders might change due to system downtime, changes in configuration and other reasons.


If you want to donate some iotas, please send them to one of addresses marked as future of any sequence. This way your iotas will join payload balance of traveling iotas and start traveling together :)